Lap-A-Thon Numbers Adding Up!

The Lap-A-Thon had 81 swimmers stroke to 10,722 laps this year! These are awesome numbers, and just shows how strong our children are getting. We have had 49 swimmers turn in their pledge sheets, and have raised over $7,500! Again this is a wonderful start as we push toward our goal of 20k. With the holiday season in addition to the December SOLO hosted meet we hope we are able to balance our annual budget, and keep the highest quality that our swimmers benefit from each day.

A special congratulations to Natalie B who stroked 200 laps and added $550 to our total. Just out touched on the Wednesday turn in were both Lulu and Kaelyn S. as the sisters both tied. With such an amazing performance our top leaders will have many new shots with new GoPro cameras! Other final qualifiers were Drew N. and Dylan B. who also shared prizes including team gear and gift certificates. With the awesome help of Michelle Garff we were able to award these and many other swimmers incentive awards!

Check out the yardage totals to make sure your name is on the list! A giant Thank You for all the support from the athletes and families. Please keep SOLO in mind as the end of the tax year comes. If you did not get the tax ID# listed as SOLO Swim Club with the IRS which is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization, or need help in filing a matching gift form an employer, let me know how I can help!


Coach Tom