Weekly News (Dec 1 to Dec 7)

Hello Panthers,

The count down for semester one is on. Three weeks until winter break begins. High School Swimmers are down to their last week of training before exams start.

There is a lot in today’s weekly news, so I will get right to it.

Important Notes:

Our team was well represented at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club swim meet this weekend. Long course PB’s were dropped on average by 5-10 seconds and a couple of our swimmers were right up at the top for high point average.

Schedule Changes:

Tuesday and Thursday morning practices: are temporarily on hold for the last 3 weeks of this semester and will start up again in January. The past two weeks Coach Gai and I have had 3 swimmers in total. So for us to continue these sessions they will need to be better attended. In January will pilot sign up sessions.

Early Dismissal Tomorrow Dec 2nd: As always, all practices will start one hour earlier.

King’s Birthday Friday Dec 5th: No school and no practice

Long Distance Time Trials December 8th: 10 and under will practice as normal. They will just use the warm up half of the pool.

Meet signups available:

Long distance Time Trials (Senior Swimmers 11 & over) December 8th 2:30:

We have 85 entries for this time trial. I will email out the program near the end of the week.

Swimmers of the Month

8 and under (Gai)

Rika  Nishioka  

Rika is alway alert to swim and early. Follows all the instruction given to her by her coaches. He keeps trying to swim with the right technique whenever she swims. The best part is the support she shows her teammates all the time like when someone is having trouble with the drill, she can explain to them clearly.

8 and under (Noey)

Josh Witkiewicz

Josh is named swimmer of the month for the month of November. Obviously, Josh has improved immensely over the past few months. Josh also has done a fantastic job at the Panther Swimfest as he made all new PBs for all events. Yet, he dropped a total of 19.89 seconds from all events when everything is totaled up! I am very pleased for this young boy for everything he has accomplished so far and still looking forward to his continuing her success all the way through this season. Great job Josh!

8 and under (Golf)

Emerson Reid 

Emerson has earned this award because this the second year for Emerson to join the top squad in 8& under group she improve from last year a lot and in the Swim Fest meet she make a PB in every event. Emerson never misses swimming practice in this year even if she is not 100%. She likes to work hard and compete during practice. Her energy catches on with the other swimmers. Good job Emerson. 

9 & 10 (Nok and Nuk):

Andrew Atnip

Andrew is a swimmer of few words but with lots of happiness. He always shows up for the practice early. Listening is one of the most important skill that Andrew could be a good example to all. As a coach, I wish all my swimmers could be just like him. Lol. He trains hard always with no complaining at all. If the coach asked swimmers to keep the swim gears, one could certainly trust on him that he will definitely help everyone, my little gentleman.

11&12 (Nuk and Noey)

Sophie Nyugen

Sophie is one of the best swimmers that we have on our team.  Her enthusiasm for swimming is second to none.  Her best times, from March, in 50 fly and 100 free were 40.63 seconds and 1.19.32 minutes respectively.  As of now her best time are 34.90 seconds in 50 fly and 1.10.31 minutes in 100 free.  What an amazing year in the pool so far for her.  She is just coming off and incredible showing at the RBSC meet where she took off and average of 10 seconds a race and medaled in 3 of her events.

13-14 (Nok and Gai):

Kelvin Francis

Kelvin is nothing but the very hardworking boy. He’s a highly discipline swimmer. Almost perfect attendance is one thing you can always expect from him. Never the less, swim at his most effort in the practice is what really appreciated by the coaches. In the near future, coaches believe that Kelvin will be one of the important team forces.

High School (Day and Golf)

Om Samanthai

Om is part of the hard working group of freshman boys the high school team has this year. The rate of improvement, both in and out, of the water these boys have shown this year is surprising for everyone. Of these this freshman class Om has been a standout. He trains at a level well beyond his years. He went head to head with our Senior Captain in a “plank off” and narrowly lost out at 12.5 mins of plank. Om has also competed at a level we could have never expected. Winning gold and silver in his two breaststroke events at IASAS Exchange.

Well done Om, keep up the good work.


That is all for now, see you on deck!

Coach Day