Teddy Bear January 2015 registration

Whitehorse Glacier Bear Coaches and Register

WELCOME NEW Teddy Bear swimmers to a "Come and Try it Out" session on

Sunday, January 11, 2015.

Buy a CGC wristband and then meet on the deck by our WGB bulletin board (by steam room) to join our Teddy Bear Coach Haley Braga and helper in the water for ONE of the following times.

Session 1: 8:05 AM


Session 2: 9:05 AM


Registration fees will be $125 plus $10 WGB membership plus Swim BC insurance fee $79 (8 & under) =

Total $214 for 12 weeks (Jan. 18-April 26; no sessions March 15-29)

+ Volunteer commmitment of 1 bingo (4 hr Sunday afternoon)

+ Officiating commitment of 1 session (2 hr volunteer) on deck April 24-26

+ Swimmer participates in Teddy Bear Time Trial on April 26


For your consideration.....


- Long Term Athlete Development Stage: Active Start 

- Ages 6 years and up; spend 45 minutes per week in pool

- Focus on good body position and strong kick with a lot of fun swimming activities 

- Swimmers must be able to put head in the water, exhale under water and get to the bottom of the pool (to pick up some objects) 

- Work on floating i.e. mushroom to starfish to straight flat, to streamlined and mushroom again while being able to sink to the bottom of the pool while exhaling under water 

- Being able to push off the wall and glide, with attention to being stable and tight under water, with a body position showing control 

- Should be able to demonstrate that swimmers can kick in different body positions 

- Introduction to freestyle catch up (arm straight) 

- Introduction to simple backstroke drills if swimmer is able to balance in the water 

- Introduce lots of fun jumps with focus on entry to the water with no splash, one point entry with toes pointed (pencil jump) 

- Introduce fun splashing jumps 

- Swimmer should like the water, feel comfortable and be happy in the water 

- Swimmers will learn and should be able to do somersault in the water by the end of the season 

- Half way in the season swimmer should be able to maintain strong Freestyle and Backstroke kick for entire 50m without fins (can use a board) 

- By the end of the season swimmer should be able to swim 25m or 50m simple Freestyle catch up and Backstroke holding strong kick and good body position