Parking for Holiday Fest


Thursday: Parking structure will operate as “normal” with guests pulling a ticket as they enter and paying at one of the pay machines as they leave the deck (there are pay machines near each stairwell).

Friday: Same procedures are Thursday with guests pulling a ticket and paying at the pay machines prior to their exit.

Saturday: $5 dollars for the day, except during our women’s basketball even hours (roughly 12pm-6pm)

Sunday: Free parking


College Ave (the road directly in front of the pool) cannot be used as drop off. There is no place for guests to turn around in their vehicles. If someone uses College Ave, they will have to access the parking deck. There is a 15 minute grace period from the time they pull a ticket to the time they exit the parking structure. Please have guests drop off in the parking structure then exit in a timely manner to avoid any charges.


The phone number for people to use if they have any issues is 480-965-6124, where they can speak with our parking department about visitor parking issues. Please let me know if you have any questions.