Weekly News (Dec 8 to Dec 14)

Hello Panthers,

Second last week of school until our well deserved winter break. Let’s finish the first semester on a high note and have everyone out to practices.

Important Notes:


Schedule Changes:

Tuesday and Thursday morning practices: are temporarily on hold for the last 3 weeks of this semester and will start up again in January.

Long Distance Time Trials December 8th: 10 and under will practice as normal. They will just use the warm up half of the pool.

Last day of practice: December 18th is the last day of practice at the same times as always.


Winter Break Training:

Sign up using this Google doc.


These are the numbers we use for allotting coaches, so if you sign up please attend.


Meet signups available:

ISB Splash 2015 (March 7&8)

This is our International meet and is mandatory for all swimmers. The sign up is open on our website, so sign up sooner than later.

Second Semester Travel Meet Questionnaire (last weeks email):

Please fill out if you have any interest in travelling next semester to an away meet.


Next Semester Registration and Tryouts:


I will send out a separate email regarding registration and tryouts for new swimmers later this week.


That is all for now, see you on deck!

Coach Day