Big Bear swimmer retreat

Note Re: Big Bear trip and other upcoming events...

First I want to appologize for not getting this done sooner. Many things have been up in the air that factor in to when we could actually do our annual Big Bear Trip, the biggest being the fact that both coach Nicole and have surgeries pending. 

Unfortunately neither of us have been able to nail down dates for those surgeries, so I have just gone ahead and planned for Big Bear. I had told many of you that I was shooting for Oct 2-4 weekend. This, however, is the only weekend that Coach Nicole is unavailable.

I went back and forth whether or not to split weekends between groups...finally decided on the following...

Big Bear weekend will be October 16-18! 

This is a swimmer retreat for all swimmers on the team. We invite and encourage all swimmers to attend. We, of course, will need some parents as driver/chaperones.   I will get a full informational flyer out via e-mail and handouts at the pool on Friday.

Other dates: working on banquet dates, it will either be on Oct 4,6,10 or 11, and I should know this no later than friday of this week.

I will be posting meets online today, so you will be able to see the upcoming meets for the next 6 months.