Loggerhead Welcome New Assistant Coach!

New Assistant Coach at Loggerhead Aquatics


Almost six years ago, around this exact same time, a swimmer by the name of Kyle Casias walked into my practice with absolutely zero experience in the sport of swimming. He looked at me and asked" Can you help me become a better athlete"? At this time, I just became the head coach of the YMCA of Florida's First Coast and I was hungry to prove myself as a professional. Kyle presented the perfect opportunity for me to develop a high level swimmer from scratch with the philosophy that we now call "Stroke Doctor". Four years later, Kyle has the meet of his life and touches factions away from his Olympic trial cut. Super Impressive!! That same year he was given a full scholarship to the air force academy and competed at the NCAA level. 

So how does a kid go from a novice competitive swimmer to one of the highest recruited athletes in Florida? I guess you'll just have to ask him yourself! As his coach, mentor and now fellow coworker, Im proud to introduce Kyle Casias as our new assistant coach with loggerheads aquatics! Kyle will be working with all groups at Loggerhead Aquatics, but his primary focus will be our silver group and working with coach mark at our senior level program. Kyle will also be a integrate part of implementing the Stroke Doctor Curriculum and will be available for private or group lessons during the week. In addition, he will be the assistant coach for our Stroke Doctor 360 camp.

Kyle will spend the rest of the week working with me at the aquatic center and review our coaching objectives for the season. He will also attend the B champs meet this weekend to learn more about our athletes,coaches and begin building relationships with our families. Please feel free to give him a warm welcome to the Loggerhead nation!

-Coach Shawn Delifus

Kyle Casias Bio

Kyle Casias just recently made the jump from swimmer to coach. Before joining JCLA, he swam at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado for two years, where he majored in Foreign Area Studies with a focus in Africa and a minor in the French language.

Although he only started swimming in his freshman year of high school, he rose quickly as a leader and hard worker. His accolades include being a 3-time finalist in the FHSAA State Meet, 2010 Champion for Senior Championships in the 100 Butterfly, Top-10 finisher in the 100 and 200 Butterfly at the 2011 YMCA Nationals, Winter National Qualifier and a two-time Scholastic All American.

Kyle hopes to become a multidimensional asset to JCLA by teaching a core philosophy of developing an athlete form the inside out . Although he was a decorated swimmer, he was also an Eagle Scout and holds strong morals to a high standard. He wishes to develop everyone he teaches to be more than a fast swimmer,but a champion of the journey!

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