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STAR Swimmers & Parents,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is looking forward to the rest of the holidays and the New Year that is just around the corner.  As I know everyone is still out of school for the next week or so I wanted to remind everyone that we will be back in the water tomorrow morning at our normal practice times and then back to our Holiday Practice Schedule on Monday (the schedule is listed under “News” on the website).

Tomorrow morning, Faith Johnson, a former STAR Swimmer currently swimming at the University of Tennessee and who won the 50 Free at Nationals earlier this month, will be stopping by at some point during practice to talk with our swimmers and give them some pointers and tips.  Daniel Le who swam for STAR a few years ago and is currently at Stanford stopped by and worked with the swimmers on Breaststroke on Tuesday afternoon and it was very beneficial to the whole group.  We hope you can all be there tomorrow morning!

Due to the fact that we had Christmas Parties at the individual sites this year we are not going to look at having the total team Holiday Party that was on the calendar for Jan. 2nd.  We are scheduled to have the all night practice on that night and have that scheduled with skating, practice, a spin class, dry land, dodge ball and breakfast from Chic-Fil-a.  The cost is $30 per swimmer and the sign-up is available on the STAR webpage or by going to the following link –

We will be leaving from the sites based on carpooling and what swimmers are attending.  Please go ahead and sign up ASAP to help us plan accordingly.  This is a great team night and we hope you will all attend!

Finally, Eric Gordon who has been doing some Water Polo work with the swimmers at GAC on our circuit days has a water polo clinic scheduled for this coming Monday and Tuesday.  The clinics are in the afternoon and the cost is only $10 for STAR Swimmers.  This has been a great activity because it has been a way to get some good work in while having fun and learning about the sport of water polo at the same time.  The clinic for 14 & older swimmers is from 4:15-6:00pm and for 10-14 year old swimmers it is from  If you practice in the morning then you can consider doing this in the afternoon on those two days for your afternoon practice.  To sign up simply go to the STAR website and there will be a link to sign up through sign up genius and you will be billed the $10 fee.  I encourage it because it is a fun way to complement their swimming workouts.

Again, continue to enjoy your holiday but we hope to see you on a daily basis at practice!

STAR Coaches