LCB Work Session Sign Ups Sun. 1-4-15

***Attention LCB Families***

Job Sign-ups for our New Year Splash to be held January 16-18 will open tomorrow, Sunday, January 4, at approximately 7pm.

There will be no limit to the number of sessions you can sign up for. Please feel free to volunteer for everything you need in order to have 4 sessions completed by the end of this meet.

Please be reminded that this meet has a Preliminary/Finals format. All swimmers will swim their events in the morning and only the top 20 swimmers in each event will return to swim again for final places in the afternoon. This means the morning sessions will be noticeably longer, while the afternoon sessions will run much more quickly, having only 2 heats for each event. Friday night is timed finals and will run like normal.

Also noteworthy... many times swimmers in the original top 20 will "scratch" if they don't want to return. What this means is they are choosing to be removed from the afternoon session. As a result, swimmers below 20th place on the list are bumped up 1 by 1 until the required time frame for "scratching" has retired and no more swimmers choose to do so. Many times, in the past, we've seen newer kids who normally wouldn't have thought they'd be able to return get the opportunity to do so. Because the afternoon sessions (along with Friday evenings) determine final placement and who will be receiving ribbons, it's an exciting time for many swimmers! (The coaches and parents working the scratch table will assist in letting the swimmers know what is happening, so please don't worry if this sounds foreign to you now. You'll understand as the meet goes on. :))

Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks in advance for your help in making this an amazing event for our swimmers & guests!!

Team Partners