Amy Okada was selected for the CA-NV All Stars

Royal swimmer Amy Okada was selected for CA-NV All Stars.

Eighteen women and eighteen men from the five CA-NV Swim Committees have been named to compete against Itoman, Japan, at the King County Aquatic Center on February 14-15.  The team will fly to Seattle on Thursday morning, February 12, have a practice day Friday and then swim prelims and finals on Saturday-Sunday before flying back on Monday, February 16.  The meet is long course meters.

Staff for the team will be led by Women's Head Coach Bob Hommel (BCH-CA) and Men's Head Coach Brian Holm (RENO-PC).  Assistant coaches will be Daryn Glasgow (NSA-SN) and Ken Lamont (NOVA-CA).  Sheri Stoddard (PASA-CA) will serve as Head Manager assisted by Michael Jafari (MAX-CA).

Women's Team:
Jordan Anderson - SMST-SN
Emily Barksdale - DART-SN
Joanna Curry - DART-SN
Nora Deleske - GWSC-CA
Alicia Harrison - BUEN-CA
Madeleine Hurst - RENO-PC
Brittany Kampfer - NOVA-CA
Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou - SCSC-PC
Kenisa Liu - BREA-CA
Paige Maynard - DART-SN
Courtney Mykkanen - NOVA-CA
Victoria Navarro - BCH-CA
Amy Okada - RYL-CA
Carly Perri - NOVA-CA
Claire Pinson - DART-SN
Abigail Richter - BCH-CA
Erica Sullivan - SAND-CA
Karli Thuen - SCAT-CA

Congratulations and Good luck AMY!!