Here is a secret...Drink Water!

By Ollie Matthews

Water is vital for your body to function, in fact, your body is made up of around 70% water, in your blood there is around 82%, brain cells 85% and even your bones are made up of around 25% water too so you can see the importance of getting enough water in each day as even the average person through normal daily function will lose around 64 ounces of water per day that is not including if you are exercising! The guidelines are around 8 glasses of water per day for the average adult, but everyone is individual as we very well know therefore I have found a formula which I have used for my clients in order to estimate what water intake that they should be having per day.

Weight in Lbs divided by 2 and that is the amount of ounces you need. e.g. if you are a 150lb male then around 75ounces of water will need to be consumed per day potentially more depending on activity levels (read: more for athletes in training. And swimmers are 'always' in training!)

What does drinking the right amounts of water equate to within the body? What benefits should we see?

·         Increased immune system function

·         More lubrication within joints. Increased mobility, and less pain.

·         More efficient manufacturing of neurotransmitters to the brain such as serotonin which can help improve   attention span and decrease attention deficit disorder.

·         Reduction of the effects aging has on our bodies and skin.

·         Can help prevent the loss of memory also as we age.

·         Lowered blood pressure

·         Digestion benefits due to your stomach lining being made up of around 95% water.

·         Better muscle contractions

·         Lowered chance of headaches

When should you drink your water?

People will usually wait until the brain signals thirst in order to drink which is actually too late. I usually advise this sort of guideline for clients in order to efficiently get their water intake throughout the day:

·         8-16 ounces before breakfast on top of the normal teas or coffees you may consume

·         8-16 ounces a couple of hours after breakfast

·         8-16 ounces after lunch

·         16 maybe more ounces before dinner

·         8-16 ounces an hour before bed

·         Sip on water throughout the day if needed too.

I have found so may people being able to reduce their use of things such as medications for headaches like Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc just by purely increasing their water in take. You will more than likely notice a difference in shade of your urine throughout the day as you drink enough, personally I would aim until your urine is nearly clear then back off a little if you want an even simpler guideline.

Remember you will get water in some of the foods you eat during the day but also if you drink a high amount of caffeine or alcohol these can also act as diuretics and have a negative effect on your water consumption too.

Hopefully this simple article has been effective in seeing how many glasses of water you should consume per day on average and the benefits of drinking this amount of water would bring to your day to day goals and progression alongside just general well being.


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