MLK Meet

 What a GREAT job everyone!!!!! You all swam with so much energy and drive in going after your best times and achieving  them!!!!!!  So many smiling faces!!! So many silver cuts and county meet cuts and even Jo's and senior met cuts and even a Speedo super sectional cut!!!   WISC swam amazingly fast and we"re very proud of all of you!!!!  Way to go!!!!!  Also on top of that on my way out of the building, they call me back in and give me this really nice trophy and tell me our team did Great and that our  KATE O'BRIEN had won the 9-10 girls  HIGH POINT Trophy!!!! Way to go Kate!!!!!!! See you all at the pool!!! Three weeks till LIE last chance meet!!! Remember ribbons and metals are won at practice and only picked up at the meet!!!! Keep focused and practice hard!!!!