A Qualifiers and A&B Champs Relay Info

Hello LMSD Families,

Please read through the following steps regarding A and B Champs: 
  • Step 1: Read the "entry rules" for both Champs Meets
  • Step 2: Did your child qualify for A Champs?
  • Step 3: Do you want your child to swim in an A Champs relay? 
  • Step 4: Review your child's B Champs entries - if applicable. 
Step 1: Entry Rules for both Champs Meets:
Just to reiterate the rules for participating in A and B Champs:
  • A swimmer can only swim a MAX of 3 individual events and 2 relays between the A and B Champs meets. For example, if you qualify for 2 A Champs events, then you can only swim 1 B Champs event. If you qualify for 3 A events, then you cannot swim any B events. 
  • Same rule applies for relays. 
Step 2: A Champs Qualifiers
Here is the report with all of LMSD's A Champs qualifiers and their events. Congratulations to all LMSD swimmers who qualified for this year's A Champs!
Step 3: Do you want your child to swim an A Champs relay? 
The eligible A Champs swimmers are listed in the A champs report (based off of your online form responses). If your child's name is listed on this report as being in an A champs relay, and you cannot make the A Champs meet, then please reply with "no relay" to Ryan, [email protected], by 7p tonight, Fri 1/30
Otherwise, your child will be accountable for filling a relay spot at A champs. Warm-up times for A champs is posted on the "meet/events" page on our website.
Step 4: B Champs Entries - Final
Here final entries report for tomorrow's B Champs, Sat 1/31. These entries reflect the results of the A champs seed meeting. If your child is not swimming 3 events, or is completely scratched - this means that he/she is swimming either 1, 2 or 3 events at A champs. 
Warm-up times for B Champs at Council Rock High School:
  • 10&Unders: Please arrive by 9:55a
  • 11&O: Please arrive by 1:55p
B Champs relay assignments will be available at warm-up. All eligible swimmers will swim at least one relay at B Champs.
There is no entry fee for B Champs. 
Any questions or concerns regarding your swimmer's events, please contact Ryan at [email protected]
Thank you
LMSD Coaches