2015 Winter Games North meet in Haines, Alaska

Winter Games North 2015 swim meet Haines, Alaska
January 31 – February 1

Twenty-five Whitehorse Glacier Bears recently attended the annual Winter Games North swim meet in Haines Alaska, along with 40 swimmers from Juneau, AK and 25 swimmers from Haines, AK with Coach Kathy Zrum and many parents who cheered all swimmers along. It was a noisy pool with lots of fast swimming and a large number of personal bests achieved.

Many of the swimmers were attending their first outside swim meet and returned back with many top place finishes across all age groups. This is a wonderful meet as it encourages swimmers to swim all four strokes in a variety of distances. Most swimmers will swim the 50 or 100 fly for the first time as this meet is swum in a yards pool, and these distances seem that much shorter.

Our swimmers impressed the local Haines club with their positive attitudes while giving many congratulatory high fives to other teams swimmers at the end of the races.

Attending from the Teddy bears group was: Tuja Dreyer and Liam Gishler

From the Cubs: Zoe Benitah, Simon Connell, Victoria Hallock, Anais Hildes, Misa Svoboda, Luna Velasquez and the top male swimmer of this group, Jackson Berry (3 first place finishes, 2 second place finishes and 1 third place finishes) and Ava Dedon the top female swimmer of the group with 3 second place finishes.

From the Brown Bears: Jaimie Chown-Chaikel, Amelia Ford (with 1 first place finish, 5 second place finishes and 2 third place finishes) the top female swimmer of this group, Alex Gray, Makinen Leong-Allan the top male of the group with 4 second place finishes and 3 third place finishes, Amy Petelski, and Hayley Taylor.

From the Black Bears: Kassua Dreyer (top female with 5 first place finishes and 4 second place finishes), Thomas Gishler, Camilla Hallock and Noah Connell, top male with 2 first and third and four fifth place finishes).

From the Polar Bears: Emma Boyd, Naomi Dedon, Megan Egglestone and Ella Pollock-Shepherd who finished with 9 first place finishes in all four strokes. Emma Boyd was a true leader during the weekend leading the team stretches and team cheers.

From the Kodiak swim group, Mackenzie Berry attended for a second time and finished the weekend with four first place finishes, 1 second place and four 3 rd place finishes, she showed her strong work ethic throughout the weekend.

This young team of swimmers excelled in their underwater dolphin kicks and were very strong in all breast stroke and butterfly races during the weekend.

Next up is a local weekend all team Time Trial on February 14 having the opportunity to once again show case their speed and technique. A small team of swimmers will also be attending Swim BC’s AA Provincial Championships in Chilliwack.


Results FILE is readable from this link:  2015 winter games results.pdf

For additional information about the Haines swim meet, please contact Coach Kathy Zrum at 335-5287 or [email protected]