Weekly News (Feb 9-15)

Hello Panthers,

Our MS swimmers are back from their school trips and the HS have left for theirs. So again, for our senior swimmers, your coach to swimmer ratios will be low and you will be getting a little extra attention if you are there at practice. For parents, this weekly news will have some house keeping items of importance. So please pay close attention and it will help us keep our team administratively on task.


Important Notes:


Emails to Coaches:

Communication between coaches and parents is a fundamental part of successful swim team, but there are some basics needed to make this easy on us coaches (especially the head coach). You need to start your email with your swimmers full name/age/squad. Many of your swimmers have different family names than the mother or father. Also school grade is not a factor on the swim team only age groups. Many emails we receive do not give us enough information to know exactly which swimmer we are discussing and takes us a considerable amount of time to find who is who. Thanks for your cooperation; this makes the process of finding a solution much quicker.

Meet signups available


Meet Commitment/undeclared/declined process:

One of the main reasons we switched to our current website/platform “Team Unify”, was the ease of which coaches could determine what swimmers wanted to swim at what swim meets, and then sign up for what actual events they wanted to swim. Well this process only works if we all use it properly. Currently, this is working well for home meets, but not so well for travel meets.

When we first send out an invitation to a travel meet, and you have absolutely not interest in going, you simply click decline on the website. Your name is then put into that category and we will not bother you again about the meet. If you want to go, you commit to the meet. If you are thinking about it, you stay in undeclared.  

For example: The Asian All-star meet in Perth has 49 swimmers declined, 6 committed and 145 uncommitted. I highly doubt that 145 people are thinking about it, so I will send the invite out again and ask you to please decline so we have an idea of how many people are interested. The same applies to all meets.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

ISB Splash 2015 (March 7&8)

This is our International meet and is mandatory for all swimmers. Your coaches should be contacting you soon to let you know of your events for the meet. Last year we took home the Championship trophy for the first time in 3 years, so let’s continue that trend.


Perth Asian All-Stars Meet (April 4,5)

This meet is an all Asia meet, which means all teams from Asia compete as one team against Australia. You will be coached by multiple coaches and partnered for relays with swimmers from other teams. See info sheet for other teams attending.


Dragon’s Den: United World College (April 24-26): expecting over 1000 swimmers! Will be amazing

Very fast meet, with good Qualifying Times. Please email me if you have any questions.


That is all for now, see you on deck!

Coach Day