Come back inside!
Miss seeing other Breaker families in the lobby?  We all do!
So, here's a good reason to park the car and come on inside!

The Wine Raffle Tickets are Hot off the Press and

available starting tonight, 2/10/2015, 5pm-7:30pm


WHAT Raffle?

Wine Raffle Tickets Sales in the lobby each evening thru 2/24/15

Starting Tuesday 2/10/2015 ending 2/25/15. 

Each ticket wins a bottle of Wine!

1 for $15 ($15 FR credit earned)

3 for $40 (1 VOL hour and $40 FR credit earned)


It's a Team Fundraiser and each ticket purchased wins a bottle of wine *PLUS*

*PLUS* ...?

...Plus means, you buy 3 tickets and get 1 VOL hour AND the FR credit.

A single ticket is not loaded with VOL hours, just the fundraising cash credit.

And did I mention that each ticket wins?!


Our Team offers this social event where the wine is hidden/bagged and selected as a fun raffle style event and way to provide VOL hrs and FR credit to fulfill swim family obligations.  There are opportunities to work, enjoy, volunteer, BUY Raffle tickets and everyone wins with this Event.


The PUBLIC is invited to attend, buy raffle tickets and enjoy along with the Swim Families!  The public wiins a bottle with each ticket too!

Event Cost to Attend?

NO!  No cost to attend the event other than a Cash Bar.  Food & entertainment provided! 


The actual Wine Raffle Social is held at Inside Out Gallery, Thursday, 2/26/15 from 6pm - 9pm.


It is Not required for you to attend the event to win the wine with each raffle ticket. 

That's right!  No brainer.

Silent Auction

There will be a silent auction and currently we are taking donations of services, supplies, goods, etc.  Contact Pam for a donation and more info on FR credits with donations.




We try to make it as easy as possible....

You can pay for the raffle tickets with CASH or Check or ask that they be charged to your account IF YOU HAVE A credit card on the Team Unify Automated Billing system (you know if you do or not).






We still need Volunteers to man ticket sales in the lobby.  You can sign up on this page under Ticket Sales @ Pool Section.

This IS our SPRING Fundraiser folks.  So participate!

Looking fwd to seeing you in the lobby buying all those guaranteed winning raffle tickets!

-The Breakers Board and Parent Volunteers