Divisionals Work Sessions Open Soon

Divisionals work sessions will be opening this Sunday, 2/15/15 at approximately 7pm. Because this is such an important meet and we want everything to run as smoothly as possible, I have positions off-deck overlapping (like concessions) and positions on-deck coming in earlier than usual (like timers). Some volunteers will start in one position and move to another once the meet begins. I've included descriptions where ever applicable. 

* Please do your best to be on time and don't sign up for a position if you can't stay for the duration.

* If you are replacing someone, when you arrive, let your replacement know what your responsibility was so he/she can easily continue doing the job you were. This will help our chairpersons to not have to spend time training each individual as they walk in. Your help with this is greatly appreciated!

* If you are a timer, check-in will look a little differently for this meet. You will check in with your head timer on deck in the room behind the blocks. He/she will give you your supplies and any necessary instruction. 

* If you are a volunteer other than a timer, check-ins will either be in the usual location or in the locker room hallway.

* End times for the meet are approximate. We don't have an entry count yet, but the time shown should be close to the latest you would be leaving any given day. If there are any big timeline changes, I will inform everyone just as soon as I know.

I think that's all for pre sign up info... if you have any questions, please let me know! And thanks in advance for helping to make Divisionals an amazing championship meet for every swimmer, team, and guest in attendance!

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