SAC Updates


* Practice schedule is regular this week.  Note: Group 5 workouts will run until 7:15 on M-T, 7:00 on W-Th, and until 6:30 on Friday.


* The entry report for Divisionals is attached.  Any errors/omissions may be communicated to me by 8pm tonight.  I'll be confirming our entries after this time and no further changes will be made.  A separate Divisionals email will be sent Wednesday with warm-up times, meet timeline, psych sheet, etc.


* I'll also be sending in the volunteer form tonight for Divisionals.  Note, our swimmers' entries are not accepted by the league without a complete volunteer form.  Please check out the job signup under the meet event info and add your name where empty slots remain.  Thank you in advance for your help!!!


* Meet entry info for Bronze Championships, Silver Championships, Mini Champs (9&under), and Junior Olympics have been posted.  Please review all of the entry info for a given meet and contact me with any questions you might have regarding your swimmer's eligibility or entry.


* As we enter championship season, please be sure to check your email regularly as this is our primary source of communication.  You may also add and verify your cell number in your web account to receive text alerts on team news. 


* Please be sure to spread the word about swim lessons, water fitness, and adult lap swim programs!!! 


* The SAC SCRIP Program has begun! 90% of your funds raised will be deposited into your family account!!!! Read more below and check your email for the club code to get registered online!


The Basics of a Scrip Program

·          Members buy retail gift cards through the SAC scrip program at face value.

·          You choose from nearly 400 national retail stores.  The website contains a full list of retailers.  .

·          SAC buys the gift cards at 1-13% less than face value (varies by retailer).  Refer to retailer list and applicable percentages on the website.

·          The difference between face value and what your organization pays = your earnings.

Here’s an Example

Kim’s grocery bill is ridiculous, especially in the last year.  Kim decides that instead of going to Giant and writing a check, she buys $200 in Giant cards for the week through SAC’s Scrip program.  Every week an order is placed, Kim earns $7.20 back into her SAC personal account.  The math is like this…$200 x 4% = $8.  Of that $8, Kim retains 90% (SAC holds back 10% in order to pay for shipping charges).  Cha-ching! 


But say Kim gets really smart and realizes that her kids should eat beans and rice at Chipotle’s to gear up for the next swim meet.  Kim thinks ahead.  The prior week she orders $100 in Chipotle’s gift cards.  She will earn $9.00 back in her SAC personal account, because Chipotle’s has a higher rebate percentage at 10%.  The math is like this…$100 x 10% = $10.  Of that $10, Kim keeps 90% which is $9.00. Kim is happy because she can use this money to pay for two individual events at the next USA meet or just knock it off her monthly dues.  Kim’s kids are happy because they are well fed.  And Coach is happy because her kids actually have energy to swim.


Deadline for orders :  Please place orders via PrestoPay on the website or a manual order form (along with checks made out to SAC) in POWELL folder on the 1st and 3rd Thursday each month, by 7:00 pm.

* If you use PrestoPay, Scrip will deduct the funds from your checking or savings account when you place the order. 

* If you use the manual/paper order form, SAC will NOT place your order if you do not include a check or cash with your order form.  

Placement of orders :  On Friday, the SAC’s Ways and Means Coordinator will release orders placed via PrestoPay during the week and enter any manual orders received in POWELL folder.

Receipt of gift cards:   Based on Scrip’s shipping schedule, SAC’s Ways and Means Coordinator will receive cards Monday/Tuesday of the following week.  SAC’s Ways and Means Coordinator will disperse cards at pool or make alternative plans to deliver cards. 

Rebate into SAC personal account :  Family rebates should show within two weeks of when the orders are released.