Congratulations to ALL Swimmers and to Habitat for Humanity

The results of the AquaDragons 1-hour Sponsored swim held at PIE and CIL pools during  Saturday training:

  • 118 Participating Swimmers

  • 309 Sponsor Contracts

  • 267,925 meters swum

  • Over Rp 172,000,000 raised

  • 5 NEW HOMES may be built to provide shelter to needy families

THANK YOU to all parents, family and friends who sponsored our swimmers!Without you, this incredible result could not have been realized. PLEASE collect your swimmer's sponsorship money to submit to the Habitat group at the pool during the Dragon Dash 3 event next weekend. There will be a presentation by the Habitat Team on this day.

SPECIAL THANKS to the Habitat for Humanity Team for their commitment to this much needed community group and to Imelda Tanoyo (Amelie and Amos’ mom) for creating a beautiful movie of our Sponsored Swim. It will be made availalble on our website very soon.

Here is a list of some of our outstanding achievers:

Longest swims

Bronze C: Liam Batemyr and Linus Zwach (1700m)

Bronze B: Hugo Voy (2500m)

Bronze A: Sakura Honda (2850m)

Silver/SwimFit: Karen Yambao and Limey van Huyssteen (3250m) 

Gold: Katherine Pashen (3650m)

Platinum: Adriaan Provo Kluit (4450m)

Most Money raised

Bronze C: Liam Batemyr (Rp 3,027,700) 

Bronze B: Eloise Selman (Rp 14,020,000) 

Bronze A: Dante Dorr (Rp 5,670,000) 

Silver/SwimFit: Amos Tanoyo (Rp 11,200,000) 

Gold: Nathan Setiawan (Rp 4,950,000) 

Platinum: Jarrod Barber (Rp 4,252,000)

Most Number of Sponsors

Bronze C: Liam Batemyr (8 sponsors)

Bronze B: Amelie Tanoyo (8 sponsors)

Bronze A: Dante Dorr and Laszlo (27 sponsors each)

Silver/SwimFit: Amos Tanoyo (9 sponsors)

Gold: Nathan Setiawan and Katherine Pashen (3 sponsors each) 

Platinum: Jarrod Barber (21 sponsors)