Weekly News (Feb 23-29

Hello Panthers,

Important Notes:

ISB Water Polo Team:

For the first time ever, ISB will have two water polo teams: A U17/U19 team and a U15 team. As the swimmers of the school they have naturally come looking for our team members to join.

If you are interested please contact Brian Jackson [email protected] for U17/U19 and Laura Fairbairn [email protected] for U15. They both start this week; so contact them today if you are interested.


Schedule Changes:

March 3: Early Dismissal day, everything starts an hour earlier.

March 4: Maka Bucha day: No school and no practice…rest for our big meet on the weekend!


New Swimmers (shirts and caps):

Coaches have been handing them all last week and there are only a couple left. Please contact me if you haven’t received yours yet. These are very important as they are your uniform for our home meets!


Vendors for racing suits and equipment:

All of our vendors will once again be at our pool for our Splash Meet. If you need a black race suit or your training equipment (like proper fins), this will be the best time to get them.


Meet signups available

ISB Splash 2015 (March 7&8)

We are all set and have almost 170 swimmers representing our team this year. We have many first time swimmers, so we will do our best to prepare you at practice over the next two weeks.


Perth Asian All-Stars Meet (April 4,5)

Entries are due at the end of this week, we have had some late interest and are only ONE swimmer away from sending a coach, so if you were on the fence…please jump over to our side.


Dragon’s Den: United World College (April 24-26): expecting over 1000 swimmers! Will be amazing

***Qualifying Times are no longer in place for this meet***

 We have met the minimum swimmer count, but would love to take a bigger squad. The more the merrier. I have talked with the coach and the Qualifying Times for travel teams are now flexible! So, if you wanted to go, but did not make the QTs, now you can go.

That is all for now, see you on deck!

Coach Day