Returning Swimmer Registration Reminder

Hi Returning Dolphin Families -

Just a quick reminder that you have just four days left to register to guarantee your spot back on the Team.  On March 2nd we will begin contacting those on our waitlist to fill any openings. 

After registering make sure to go back into your account and sign up to volunteer for 20 job points preferrably at different meets.

If you are registering new siblings or are a returning pre-team swimmer please let us know which swim evaluation date you would like to attend - March 7 (2-5 pm) or March 11 (5-7 pm).  This evaluation will determine your swimmer's team placement for this season.

We are offering personalized swim caps and towels this season which you can purchase from your registration cart.  Hopefully this will help keep our lost and found down and we'll be able to know who's swimming in those lanes!

Finally, if you won't be joining us this summer or have moved, we would greatly appreciate a quick note telling us you won't be registering.

Thank you!

The Louisville Dolphins

[email protected]