Weekly News (March 2-9)

Hello Panthers,

“Let’s getting ready to rumble”! Ok maybe I am a little over excited about our big international Splash meet this weekend. It is so exciting to have all these teams traveling her to compete in the best aquatics facility in Thailand.

Can we make sure that we are all really prepared and do are part as hosts to make sure it is an amazing experience for our guests.

Important Notes:

ISB Splash 2015 (March 7&8)



We warm up at 7:00 am sharp. That means on deck and ready to swim at 6:55. A good warm up is the key to a great race day. Please organize your family to be in the gym, changed and ready to go. If you are late, you will not warm up with the team. We do a team warm up and you can not join in after it has started. This hurts the other swimmers who were there on time. Earlier is better!

For Sunday Swimmers, we have the second warm up starting at 7:25. Same thing applies as Saturday.


All swimmers must wear their black team shirt and gold cap for Saturday. This is our team uniform, please do not forget.Sunday we will wear our yellow shirts and gold caps. Also, you must wear a black swim suit, if you do not have one, then you will need to buy one from the vendors at the meet.

Friday Night Spirit Night All Swimmer Practice (March 6th, 2:30-4:00) 

All swimmers are to practice together and have some tasty healthy pre-meet snacks together. This is mandatory for all Team Members; plus it is fun and you should be there to get our team pumped up for the big meet.

BISAC Championships(Bangkok International School Athletic Conference)

March 28 (Junior 10&under) March 29 (Senior 11& over)

This is a select team championship. Each team is allowed to swim their top 3 swimmers in each event. So that is what we try to do.

Following the Splash meet coaches will email out the roster for the team. The BISAC team will train together for the remainder of the month.

Vendors for racing suits and equipment:

All of our vendors will once again be at our pool for our Splash Meet. If you need a black race suit or your training equipment (like proper fins), this will be the best time to get them.

Schedule Changes:

March 3: Early Dismissal day, everything starts an hour earlier.

March 4: Maka Bucha day: No school and no practice…rest for our big meet on the weekend!

Meet signups available

Dragon’s Den: United World College (April 24-26): expecting over 1000 swimmers! Will be amazing

***Qualifying Times are no longer in place for this meet***

 We have met the minimum swimmer count, but would love to take a bigger squad. The more the merrier. I have talked with the coach and the Qualifying Times for travel teams are now flexible! So, if you wanted to go, but did not make the QTs, now you can go.

Swimmer of the month (January and February combined because of short Jan)

8 & under: Coach Gai

Tanawat  Cheevarunothai. He is swimmer of the month because of the following reasons:

1.Always arrive the pool earlier.

2.Alert to swim all the times.

3.Spend whole energy for training.

4.Never complain about how hard to train.

8&Under: Coach Noey

Katie Martin. Katie has shown great listening skills and is always excited to try new things at practice. She has come into the group this month with a great attitude. She works very hard to understand stroke correction from practice to practice. This results in awesome races and incredible times at Panther Palooza. Keep up the awesome swimming Katie!

8&under Coach Golf

Sophie Hardcastle. She improved a lot in practice, her backstroke is very good. I am so proud of her dive now because she so strong when she take off the blocks. She is getting so much distance for her age; that why she got her PB's time every swim meet. 

Good job Sophie keep try to the best.


Oskar Clausen. He’s a funny and friendly kid. Since I saw him first time last semester, Oskar has improved a lot in his swimming skills. He always works hard during the practice. If one tells him to try fixing some mistake, he’ll try do it right away. As a coach, what could you ask for more? He really deserves the best in his swimming career.

11&12: Noey/Nuk

Matt Ying. Matt is always taking feedback from the coaches in positive manner. He has also been improving over the past couple months. He also did an amazing job in all of his races at Panther Palooza with new PB’s in all his events, and he absolutely deserves to be recognized for it!. Way to go Matt! 

13/14: Nok/Gai

Gus Nordmeyer. Gus has just surprise many of viewers on deck for his first meet in Palooza. Is it luck or a coincidence? No such things exist in sports!!! Gus has changed his schedule for swim practice. He shows up more often than he did last semester. The coaches feel appreciated for his higher responsibility. Yes, you got what you paid for!!!

High School: Day/Golf

Sidney Smith. Sidney had an amazing January with her 4 IASAS golds, 4 ISB records, 2 IASAS records and FINA top point swim award. She was MVP for 2 season in a row She trained on her own time during the high school trips and has tried her best to work through the post-IASAS blues and prepare for the upcoming meets. Congratulations Sidney

That is all for now, see you on deck!

Coach Day