Nominate a Volunteer for the #1VolunTeam Awards


Nominate a Volunteer for the #1VolunTeam Awards

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USA Swimming is running a month-long campaign throughout March called #1VolunTeam. This campaign will highlight the positive impact its countless volunteers are making across the country through social media and website stories. Additionally, there will be a weekly volunteer award that will be announced each Friday. The awards are: 

Dawn to Dusk (March 6): This volunteer is the first one to the pool and last one to leave.
MacGyver Volunteer (March 13): This volunteer finds a solution, no matter the problem. 
Concessions Connoisseur (March 20): This volunteer makes sure no patron goes hungry or thirsty during those long weekends. 
Tenure Volunteer (March 27): This volunteer has been helping so long it might as well be their permanent job.

If you would like to nominate a swimming volunteer for one of the above awards, please email Kara Raney ( with the name and a brief description. Or you can nominate on social media using the hashtag, #1VolunTeam. All nominations must be submitted by 2 p.m. ET the Thursday prior to the announcement of the award.