ASI Junior Athlete Representatives

 The LSC SC Championship is just around the corner.  We will be voting on our Junior Athlete Representatives at the SC Championship.  This year, we have two candidates.  Each candidates biography is listed below:

Katie Jacoby- Arkansas Dolphins

Ever since the sixth grade when I was voted as my class president, I have strived to take on new leadership positions in my community.  In seventh grade, I was elected recording secretary of the student body, and the president of my school in eighth grade.  Throughout my years of middle school, I worked to provide for and listen to those around me.  As student body president, I had the responsibility of creating homecoming week.  I reached out to my classmates as well as students in other grades to get their input and get a sense for what they wanted.  In addition to homecoming, I had to plan school dances, fundraisers, and graduation.  I learned to work with teachers and students together to successfully set up and plan such events.  My experience in student council positions from sixth to eighth grade taught me to effectively collaborate and communicate with other adults and peers.

Currently, I am a sophomore and a captain of my high school swim team at Pulaski Academy.  I encourage and cheer for teammates at meets, welcome new members to the team, and get to know these swimmers better, spending long hours at the pool with them, often times on the weekends.  In addition, I work directly with the head coach to strategize where to place our swimmer in order to maximize points in each event.  Communication between a high school team that only practices twice a week can be challenging, but I report any news to my teammates as soon as possible.

Also, since freshman year, I have been involved in the Model United Nations club at my school and now, I am treasurer for the group.  Holding this leadership position has kept me busy writing and editing papers, collecting dues, and informing other members about upcoming meetings or conferences.  Last year, as a freshman, I traveled to Baltimore, MD, for a conference at John Hopkins University, and this April, I get the opportunity to visit Toronto, Canada, for my first international conference.  These sponsor of Model UN at my school has been trying to pass down the leadership from seniors to younger students, so he left me along with three other club officers in charge of organizing delegates for the Toronto conference.  This includes assigning each of the thirty-two members to his or her respective country and committee.  Although this particular task may be taxing, my experience as treasurer has taught me to organize a large group and manage my time well.

Since the age of ten, I have been attending the Arkansas state swim meets in both the spring and summer.  In the summer of 2014, I won three golds by swimming on the 200 free, 200 Medley and 400 free A relays.  Additionally, I placed second in the 800 free and 3rd in the 400 free.  More recently, I raced at the Pro-Am meet in Oklahoma City in December and made my first sectional cut in the 500 free in February.  I am looking forward to competing in my first sectionals and racing at state in March.

As an athlete representative for the Arkansas LSC, I will apply my leadership skills that I have absorbed from past experiences.  My involvement with student council has taught me to easily connect and work with adults as well as others my age.  I have developed better speaking skills by having to give speeches to large crowds.  I am knowledgeable in all things swimming, because I have been involved with the sport for over seven years.  Taking on a leadership role for my high school swim team and Model UN club has not only taught me to manage my time wisely, but also to stay organized and prepared.  I know how to stay on top of my schoolwork as well as my extracurricular work.

Over the summer, I was involved in many community service activities that involved the water.  I coached fourteen 6 & under kids at my nearby country club three times a week for two months.  I taught some of them their very first strokes, which was an enjoyable, yet, challenging job.  Each Tuesday night, our summer league team had a swim meet.  I had to enter the kids in two events each and organize them at the chaotic meets.  In a separate service activity, I was given the opportunity to teach the basics of swimming to some inner city kids from a local church's summer camp.  I coached these kids three times a week for eight weeks out of the summer.  The ages of this group ranged from 5-13 years old, so I had to treat and instruct each age group differently.  While the 5-year olds did not want to leave the wall unless i was holding onto them, the 13-year-olds would rather jump off the diving boards than have me coach them.  However, I saw significant improvement over a short period of time; some of the younger kids who may have originally been scared of the water or afraid to swim along quickly learned to kick or swim a few strokes on their own by the end of the summer.  My community service experiences taught me how to efficiently coach kids of all ages.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting others in my community involved in the sport I love.

Sam Schach- Aquahawgs

I would love to have the privilege of representing you, my fellow swimmers, on the board as an athlete representative.  I am hardworking and have a firm desire to represent you on the board.  I am very qualified for this position.  I am accustomed to hard work (from a heavy class load and swimming, of course) and ready to work hard if elected.  If I stop having time on my hands then, "I will work harder"- The Jungle and make more time.  I am open minded, so I will look at all sides of the argument, and be ready and willing to listen to any suggestions any swimmer might have.  I am determined to attend all meetings, as well as conference calls, and not take the position lightly.  I am also very excited and hopeful to possibly be elected into this position, and if elected, I will fill it with energy, respect and goodwill.  I have always managed to keep a 4.0+ GPA while swimming (this is not to brag, but rather to show that I can handle other things on top of swimming) and I will put the same level of effort, if not more, into this position, if elected, as my academics.  Also, I am a very approachable guy and it would be easy for anyone to come up to me and give a topic to bring up next meeting.  I am easily contacted and if wanted, I would provide my email (which, I actually check) or phone number.  I am also a good speaker and work well in groups.  I have had plenty of practice working in groups (thanks to school) and giving presentations and speeches.  I may not actually have to give a presentation or a speech, but I will be able to express my thoughts into words well.  If elected, I intend to fulfill my position to the best of my ability.  I will work harder, express my opinion (but more importantly that of the communities'), and have an exceptional attendance rate.  I will not just attend physically, but I will be ready to learn and weigh in on issues and not coming already mentally tapped out.

Thank you for reading,

Vote Sam Schach