Practice Adjustments for March 16 - 21

STAR Swimmers & Parents,


I am sending this email to everyone even though it is geared toward our GAC practice schedule.  As you all know this coming week the GAC will be hosting the Women’s NCAA Swimming Championships.  Hopefully many of you are planning on taking advantage of this event being here in Greensboro and be attending.  For this event the GAC will be closed so this will affect our practice at GAC from Tuesday through Saturday.  On Monday we will have all practices at GAC at normal time.

On Tuesday through Saturday we will be having practice at Greensboro College at the following times:


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:

                Dolphins, Piranhas & Seasonal – 6:30-7:30

                Sharks – 6:30-7:45

                Junior Comp & Up – 6:30-8:00

                Home School – 1:30-2:30 (Thursday only)

                Morning Practice on all days – 5:15-7:00am

On Friday practice times will be as follows:

                Dolphins & Piranhas – 6:00-7:00

                Sharks – 6:00 – 7:15

                Junior Comp & Up – 6:00-7:45

On Saturday the schedule will be:

                Junior Comp & Up – 7:30-9:30

                Sharks – 8:00-9:30

                Dolphins, Piranhas and Stroke Development – 8:30-9:30


I know the later time is not ideal for everyone so please feel free to come to morning practices or feel free to attend SportsCenter if that time works better. I is conveniently located right off of Wendover and Hwy 68 and may be just as easy to get to for many of you.  The practice times at SportsCenter are as follows:



Dolphins & Piranhas – 4:15-5:30

Sharks – 4:15-5:45

Junior Comp & Up – 5:30-7:15 (On Friday 4:45-6:30)


Hopefully this will help you schedule during the coming week and I appreciate your patience but also hope you all agree it is a small price to pay for having such a great facility to swim out of.


Please check with your coach or let me know if you have any questions and we will look forward to seeing you at practice!


Coach Jay