2015 Season Opener Information Packet


Can you feel the spring in the air?  You know what that means!  Swimming is right around the corner! 

Most everything you should need is laid out in the 2015 Season Packet.  Including dates for the meets.


Work assignments will be  one week after the last registration on May 23rd, and we will approve your account once we have your $150 work assignment check accounted for.  Registration will be the same as last year with web site registration plus RiverChase registration on three different Saturdays.   I'm sorry we could not simplify this, but due to insurance reasons we are following the rules.

We are excited for the season ahead.  We want you to know how registration will work this year.  It is right around the corner, and we hope the steps below guide you through registration process.  If you have any questions, please contact us on our web site.

Step 1: Web site Registration will begin on April 4th.

  1. Registration officially ends June 9th. 
  2. Returning users, good news!  Your data just needs to be verified and updated.  It should be very quick. 
  3. You will not be able to pick work assignments online beginning May 23rd after work assignment checks have been collected from the Riverchase Registration the prior 3 Saturdays.  Officially this will open at 10AM.


Step 2: RiverChase Fee, Work Assignment Check hand in, & Swim Suit Fitting:

  1. When: Saturday April 25th or May 2nd or May 16th from 10am-12pm at Riverchase
  2. Is registration at RiverChase necessary?  Yes!   
  3. What you will need:
    1. One Registration form required by RiverChase. (Will be posted here shortly if you want to fill it out ahead of time:
    2. Payment to RiverChase Cash, Check, or Charge Cost explained here:
    3. $150 Work Assignment check that DOES NOT get deposited unless you do not fulfill your three work assignments.
  4. Where to register on Saturday?
    1. At RiverChase in the office just across from the front desk.  Please look for the sign or come and ask us at the tables.  
  5. During this time, we will have a rep available to help you with getting registered online if you need help. 
  6. We will also have a rep from Johnny Macs to assist with suit fittings & accessories.  We are using the same suits as last year…but kids grow so they will be available for purchase.  
  7. You will not be selecting work assignments until May 23rd online at 10am. Please ignore the typo in the Beacon and Guide. We need a week to align checks to families registered online
  8. Registration will close June 9th.


Step 3: Work assignments

  1. Signing up for them will be made available on the web site starting 10am Saturday May 23rd.
  2. Depending on how many families sign up this year this should be three assignments per family. This will be on a first come, first served basis. 


That's it!  More exciting news to follow. 

  1. 2015 Team Sponsorship Programs:
    1. We are going crazy on sponsorships for the activities below.  If you have a business that wants their name on a banner to be hung at all meets for $75, please read the following:
  2. New Team Gear:
    1. We have exciting new gear this year to help make it fun!

  1. We will have the regular cotton Tshirts as well…more to come on that.
  2. Why are we raising money?  To make pay to make these events more enjoyable by all!
    1. The year-end banquet- 
    2. Pizza Party
    3. Ice Cream Social
    4. Web site fee
    5. New Computer to run meets.
    6. Kickboards, Stopwatches, Bullhorns, Lane Lines, Printing for meets, office supplies

Thank you!  We are very excited for a great year ahead!

Your Parent Reps.