Dino Cup swim meet Coach report

Dino Cup swim meet hosted by University of Calgary swim club - March 14 & 15, 2015


A quick report on our trip to Calgary March 14 & 15 for the Dino Cup swim meet for kids 10 and under.

I took 6 girl swimmers. Most of them this was their first time out at a large meet. So nerves were at their peak. It seemed after they each swam their first event they all calmed down and had a really good time. They all swam their hearts out and most of their races were personal best's!   We had a super fun group dinner on the Saturday  night and there were many a giggle at the kids table and a few at the parent table also. No one missed any races (hard to do there as they Marshall 6 heats in advance). Lots of ribbons and huge smiles. I think overall a great success.  Thank you for sending me as coach and for the parent support. I enjoyed it so much. Makes my heart swellheart
Coach Mary Anne Myers


Meet results file for our WGB swimmers