Weekly News (March 23-30)

Hello Panthers,

Five more days of training before a big weekend of BISAC Swimming; good luck to both Junior and Senior teams. Train hard, eat well and gets lots of sleep.

I would like to also congratulate our swimmers who are playing on the water polo teams this season. They had their first matches this weekend against the Thai Navy Teams. This is our first year with a water polo team at ISB and we are glad to see them in the pool.

Important Notes:

Strength and Conditioning coach:

I would like to introduce Coach Indera, our new Strength and Conditioning coach. Indera has been working with the team for a month now and it has been going great.

S&C Schedule: 3:00 to 3:40 in the TRX room

Monday/Thursday: High School

Tuesday/Friday: 13/14 squad

Wednesday: 12/12 squad

It is very important that all swimmers attend these sessions. We have decreased the amount of strength training during our practices because of these sessions. If you miss them, you are missing out on a vital component of our training.

New Age Group Coach:

I would also like to introduce Coach Ann Siron at this time. Ann has joined us for the remainder of this year and hopefully many more to come. Please see her bio on our website.

Anne will be coaching the 9/10 and 11/12 age group squads. 


BISAC Championships (Bangkok International School Athletic Conference)

March 28 (Junior 10&under) March 29 (Senior 11& over)

Good Luck Panthers


Panther Swim-a-thon: April 22 “Earth Day”

Swimmers should now have their pledge forms, either on hard copy or electronic. Please help them to get out and starting fund raising early, so we don’t have last minute work to get done.

The swim-a-thon will be an after school event, starting with Junior swimmers at 2:30 and then Senior Swimmers at 3:30.

The concept is that swimmers will get pledges per lap (or lump some) and swim as many laps as possible in the allotted time.

Please mark this on you calendar and make sure your child swims on this day regardless of their training day.

Prizes for most laps and most funds raised will be awarded also!


Colgate Tri-Athlon (May 5th):

Our swim team will be participating in the Colgate Tri-Athlon this year, we will be competing as a team along with our coaches. In the weeks prior to the event we will be mixing up our training a bit to include running and biking to help us prepare for this day. Please sign up as early as possible to allow the Tri-Athlon organizers to prepare for a larger number of participants.

Please use this link:

***Please also sign up on our website as you do for regular swim meets***


Schedule Changes:

No changes this week


That is all for now, see you on deck!

Coach Day