Spring Session

Spring Swim is Finally Here!!

I hope you are all de-thawed from our frosty winter! Spring Swim is back and we can not wait to see you at the pool!! The weather is warm and we want everyone to come back and jump on in!

Our Spring Session is from Monday April 6th-May 22nd.

We have two meets for this session:
May 8th-10th ASG NTS Meet
May 29th-31st Beat the Heat

This is a perfect time to get ready and back in the water to prepare for the summer season!

Swimmers that swam with Coach John or A.Jay practice is Monday-Friday 4-6pm, with a Saturday practice from 7-9am. These two groups are Silver (Technique and Strategy) and Gold (Regional and Beyond Training).

Those of you that swam with Coach Lauren last Fall our 8 and unders group is back! We are now calling this group the Rock Shrimps! This group will be practicing starting May 4th, and will be going every Monday/Wednesday and Thursday. 4-5pm.

Additionally we will be having three days to try us out in April Wednesday the 1st, 8th, and 15th from 4-5pm. These dates are to help Lauren get the Rock Shrimps on track for May and for the Summer Season. Bring a friend so they can try it as well! We are requesting everyone that swam with Coach Lauren in the Fall come back one of these days so she can re-evaluate you, and create a plan for your swimmer.

Masters, we havent forgot about you! Starting April 6th as well we will be having practice from 6-7:30am, Monday-Friday as well as you can hop in from 4-6pm Monday-Thursday. Saturday practices are also ongoing from 7-9am. Dont forget about Paul's Practice every Monday 6-7pm.

Rock Shrimps- $75 a month
Silver/Gold- $100 a month plus a USA membership annual $64 a year.
Masters- $55 a month plus a USMS membership annual $45 a year.

To sign up click on the Start Registration button on our home screen and follow the process.

Cant wait to see you at the pool!

Coach B