Many thanks from MSSC!

Thanks go out to all the folks who made Spring Champs a successful meet! From Samir up in the Snack Bar with help from his family and MSSC parents Gina and Emmett, Belinda, Jennifer, Rebecca, Kim and Rick, and Tony - I am so sorry if I left anyone out! to Jeananne and her family, down on the pool deck serving up great hospitality with Jen, Susie and Brian! To the dynamic awards duo of Chu-Lin and Chiayu managing all of those medals for the top scoring athletes! Finally, we couldn't have a USA Swim meet without all of those volunteers in blue and white: Hope did another outstanding job pulling together a very qualified crew to officiate. 

Many thanks to Coach Jim, Ethan, Susie, Vanessa and Marcia for the hours they put in working with the athletes and planning the training. The MSSC athletes have rounded out the short course season with a string of good meet performances and deserve the Spring Break we have this next week. Then, it's on to Long Course season! 

So remember everyone - Spring Break starts tonight - March 29th and goes through Monday April 6th. We will see you back on April 7th, ready to work hard! 

With gratitude,