Age Group Summer Meet Schedule


The loggerheads practice schedule has been developed based on the seasonal progressions of the group seasonal planning and learning curriculum. Only our silver, gold and gold plus group are participating in our long course meet schedule. This allows our developmental groups such as all stars and bronze to focus on a short course yards schedule which provides an improved meet experience for our members.


All Star and Bronze Summer  Meet Schedule

( 1 Meet per month-25 yards competition only)

1) April 11 Home Meet

2) May 30th  Home Meet

3) June 13th Episcopal Developmental

4) July 14th Bolles Developmental

5) August 1-2 Area 1-4 Championship Meet (Tallahassee,Fl)


Silver Meet Schedule

(1 short course yards and 1 long course meters meet per month)

1) April 11th Home Meet (SCY)

2) April 18th Episcopal (LCM)

3) May 23-24 Episcopal (LCM)

4) May 30th Home Meet (SCY)

5) June 13th Episcopal (SCY)

6) June 25th-28th Bolles (LCM)

7) July 6-8 Episcopal (LCM/SCY)

8) July 14th- Bolles Developmental (SCY)

9) Florida Age Group Championships

9) Area 1-4 Championship Meet (Tallahassee,Fl)


Gold and Gold Plus Meet Schedule

1) April 11th Home Meet (SCY- Foundational Phase IMAX focus)

2) April 18th Episcopal (LCM- Foundational Phase IMAX focus)

3) May 8-9th Bolles (LCM-Foundational Phase IMAX focus)

4) May 23-24 Episcopal (LCM- Foundational Phase IMAX Focus)

5) May 30th Loggerhead Invitational (SCY- Race Preparation Phase)

6) June 5-7th Clearwater Aquatics (LCM- Race Preparation Phase) Travel Meet  prelims/finals...More information coming.

7) June 25th-28th Bolles Invitational (LCM- Race Preparation Phase)

8) July 6-8th Episcopal (LCM/SCY Championship Phase) ***Last Chance to qualify for FLAGS

9) July 16th-19th (LCM- Championship Phase) Florida Age Group Championships

10) August 1-2 Area 1-4 Championship (SCY- Championship Phase) non- FLAG qualifying events. FLAG QUALIFIERS CAN SWIM OPEN EVENTS.

Group Evaluations- The coaching staff will conduct two periods of testing to evaluate the progress of our groups and possible move ups. One shall be performed at the beginning of our season and at the end our season to properly evaluate to progress of the season. This data will also create a new baseline for the next 2015-2016 short course yards season.

  1. April 13th
  2. July 20th








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