Weekly News (May 6-11)

Hello Panthers,


After last weeks lightning filled practices, we are hoping for a better deal from Mother Nature this time around. Tuesday is a day off, but our swim team is being represented well in the Colgate Kids Triathlon. Our very own Coach Noey is participating as part of the adult dream team. Coach Ann, Golf and Gai will also be out on the course doing there best to keep up with the kids. Can’t wait to see our little athletes shine in another area of sport. Good luck!


Important Notes:


Swim-a-thon Report:

Last Friday we had almost 100 swimmers do their best to swim their hearts out for our three sponsored Thai Schools and get them the swim equipment they so desperately need. We do not have the total money raised or top fund raiser awards yet as we still have swimmers collecting their pledges. Please get those in to me a.s.a.p.


The top distances swam for each age group were as follows:


8&under Boys: August Clausen (1,800m) Girls Emerson Reid (1,800m)

9/10 Boys: Andrew Atnip (3,200m) Girls Ashlyn Widmer (3,200m)

11/12 Boys: Caleb Duval (5,900m) Girls Sophie Nguyen (3,600m)

13/14 Boys: Benedict Laidlaw (4,600m) Girls Abby Edison (4,650m)

15+ Boys Anders Brekke (7,600m) Girls Sidney Smith (5,600m)



SAVE THE DATE: Year End Banquet, May 31

Details will be emailed out in a separate email.


ISB Family Sprintfest: Wednesday, May 27th 2:30-4:30


The second annual Family Sprintfest is already looking to be an even bigger day of fun this year. Our list of Parent/Family participants is already bigger than last year.  Sara “I never took a lesson ever, but still swim FAST” Reid says she is ready to go head to head with her daughters again (even though they are much faster this year).

To totally remove any and all excuses for not having your parents participating, we have added a new event this year. There will be 4x25 “anything goes” relay at the end of the event. For this race, any and all floatation devices welcome. All teams are to be made up of adults and children; each team must have at least one parent/adult.

Please email me your team and I will enter you. We will also be accepting parent entries in regular 25m races right up until the last week, so let’s keep those names coming.


Photo Retake (Individual Only) Wednesday May 6 (regular practice time)

The photographers will be coming to practice to take individual pictures of swimmers in action. If this is not your practice day, please feel free to come anyways. Hope for no lightning!


Schedule Changes:

May 5th No School Coronation Day (Colgate Tri-athlon) No Practice



Pentathlon Meet: May 16th (half day home meet with Patana and ANS)

4x50 swims, plus 110/200 IM. Sign up on webpage now.


Swimmer of the month:


8 and under (Gai)

Phoonseeraah  Tieanworn[Ada]

Ada has shown great improvement due in a big part to the increased effort she has put into her swimming this month. She is now showing good endurance in all four strokes.


8 and under (Noey)

Ross Wright: He has had a great attitude all season long.  He’s embraced his season with the kind of pride and enthusiasm.  Ross has been a great leader this year in his actions at every practice. Great job, Ross!


8 and under (Golf)

August Clausen: This is a first year for August in ISB Panther Swim Team. He started in my group. First time I saw him he was very thin and lacking power and technic, but he concentrated and hard work in practice. Also he came to practice everyday and focus to change his technic that why he improve a lot in swim meet. In BISAC 2015 he is swimmer in ISB 8&under bisac team , he got PB around 50s  from his old time. 

Good job August and keep doing your best. 


9-10 Squad

Mahattanakul, Ruj  (Mat). Mat  is a nice quiet boy with lots of smile. Listening is one of the most important skill that Mat could be a good example to all. As a coach, I wish all my swimmers could be just like him. He trains hard always with no complaining at all. Coaches have seen the big improvement since Mat started join the ISB swim team last fall. He will be one of the best swimmers of the team for any meets at all (including an amazing performance at UWC Singapore meet).


11/12 Squad

Sara Qian: She comes to practice regularly and earnestly. Always listen attentively to the coach and reflect on coach's advice. She has shown great improvement over the last few months and we are very excited to see how this pays off in the last meet of the year.


13/14 Squad

Marcelina Lekawska:  She is a very high discipline and a hardworking  girl. Almost perfect attendance, that is one thing you can always expect from her. Her effort in the pool is really appreciated by the coaches. In the near future, coaches believe that it's not hard for Marcelina to be among one of the lead swimmers of the team. The high school squad is lucky to have her next year.


High School Squad

Ana Atnip: She has focused well this month and set goals for the Singapore meet. She trained hard focusing on her pace work for the distance events and executed her plan well. She has also had drastic technical improvements in both Breast stroke and Backstroke during the last part of the year. Well done, we are going to miss you next year.


That is all for now, see you on deck!


Coach Day