CC Conditions

We would like to acknowledge the conditions that were experienced last week at the Civic Center Lobby. 

There is now a removable metal bar in place on the door that should not be removed.  This in place by the facilities management and the County Administrator as a safety measure (Emergency Exit Only).  An additional reason is that the Dectron humidifier/air control system on the deck is affected by outside forces, and the constant in and out of the lobby doors and pool deck greatly lower the temperature of the air in the natatorium.  It was also brought to our attention that a lifeguard captured a mouse that was running around the lobby.  The Facilities management is aware of the pest problem and are doing their best to handle.  With many shows going on the back doors are being left open for periods of time while shows are being set up and taken down.  With this information we would urge families to be thoughtful about having their children lay down and or eat anything that has fallen on the floor. 

Breakers Board