AZAC to Visit 12 News!

Remembering Pat Tillman (link to video)

We have been asked to bring a group of AZAC swimmers down to 12 News on Thursday evening for the 6pm news show!!

Channel 12 News is honoring teams that have been participating in Pat's Run. Our team has participated each year since we started (2nd place last year!!) and we feel it is an important life lesson to teach the kids why we participate in these events.   We feel it is important to give of themselves to something greater than themselves.  Pat Tillman exemplified this and we are honored to help military veterans and their spouses through educational scholarships.  Last night, each swimmer at practice answered the questions "Why you participate in Pat's Run" and "What does it mean to you".  The kids answers are wonderful to read and the news anchor may be asking some of them these questions on Thursday so we wanted them to have thought about it in advance.
We would like a large group of AZAC swimmers to participate if possible on Thursday.  All swimmers are welcome.  We are encouraged to build signs to bring with us and all swimmers should wear an AZAC T-shirt.  The kids wanted to wear the grey tank tops that say "I can't....  I have swim" on the back.  If your child doesn't have that shirt, I have a few remaining or they can wear the black or blue T-shirts. 
We will still hold both practices on Thursday.  We can meet at Arrowhead at 4:30 and we will try to leave in groups by 4:45pm.  We will need help with parent drivers or families need to drive themselves. We won't have kids driving younger kids unless parents approve in advance. The 12 News teams asked us to be there by 5:40pm and I just worry a little about traffic although it should be heavy in the opposite direction.  It is fine if you just want to meet us at the studio instead.
This seems like a great opportunity to celebrate Pat Tillman and a wonderful opportunity for the team as well.  We hope you will attend.  The studio address and link to the Pat Tillman foundation are below.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  We can also chat about it at the parent meeting with USA swimming tonight at 6pm since you will all be there!!
200 East Van Buren, Phoenix 85004.