Good afternoon,


Due to the metal content in the water as well as a lack of alkalinity both sodium bicarbonate as well as calcium carbonate were added to the pool yesterday.  This resulted (due to the sodium bicarbonate) in a cloudy pool that should have cleared up.  It has not even though every chemical has been repeatedly tested and found to be in great range.  We have consulted with the pool company that gave and advised on the chemicals and they state it simply needs time to work itself out.  We've taken steps to help speed this process including lowering the pool level and adding fresher water as well as lowering the pH level to the bottom end of the acceptable use range by adding muriatic acid.  Our pool turnover rate (the rate measured in gallons that the pool circulates through the system) is required by law to be no lower than 245 gallons per minute and has held steady at nearly 500 gallons per minute.  A healthy backwash was administered to help clear the filters out to keep them running their best to help with the water clarity.  All of these things have resulted in a small amount of progress but unfortunately the bottom of the deep end is not visible yet.  While the pool is perfectly healthy to swim in, it is against local law and procedure to allow swimmers in it at this time.  Assesments will continue routinely until tomorrow at noon when another call will be made on practice for that evening and at the request of Gilman athletic administration, the rest of the weekend as well.


The 2014-2015 season has been challenging with our aging pool but necessary long term improvements have been made to help prevent pool stopping events in the future.  We thank you for your patience and should you have any questions you're always welcome to e-mail me at [email protected]


-Coach Carl