AZAC Places 2nd at Pat's Run
The team really did an amazing job this year and wonderful to see the improvement in their conditioning year over year.  We placed 2nd in the team competition for the second year in a row only beat by the Tillman Scholars.
Here are some individual highlight performances:
Arina Putkova (27:28) 6th overall fastest Female of over 11,000 female athletes and 2nd in the 19 and under age group.
Sophia Holguin (28:05) 13th overall fastest Female and 3rd in the 19 and under age group.
Top Female Parent - Amie Smith (35:57) 44th in her age group
Top Male Parent - Ernie Holguin (32:14) 67th in his age group
AZAC Top 5 who score for the team overall:
Merik Smith (23:54) 14th in 19&U male age group and 30th fastest male overall
Hunter Hojnacki (24:31) 18th in 19&U male age group and 43rd fastest male overall
Kanta Emoto (26:09) 30th in 19&U male age group and 95th fastest male overall
Michael Debbins (26:56) 41st in 19&U male age group and 138th fastest male overall
Collin Guelich (27:03) 46th in 19&U male age group and 146th fastest male overall
If you have any great pictures, please send them along!
Here is the 12 news story featuring AZAC from Thursday evening. Remembering Pat Tillman
It is also wonderful to see how the kids are improving.  Here are a few highlights:
(I apologize if I missed any)
Marisa Emoto (> 1min)
Jamie Seddon (> 1min)
Michael Debbins (> 2 min)
Zachary Grebert (> 3 min)
Sally Summersgill (> 3 min)
Loren Connors (> 4 min)
David Sexson (> 4 min)
Serene Augustain (> 4 min)
Kanta Emoto (> 4 min)
Kate Seddon (> 4 min)
Arina Putikova (> 5 min)
Oli Holguin (> 5 min)
Michael Sexson (> 6min)
Jacob Stewart (> 7 min)
2015 team results:
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2014 team results:
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2013 team results
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