Official's Clinic

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TO: Snake River Coaches, Officials, And Fellow Swim Parents - who can't sit still for an entire meet,

We need more officials, especially here on the Westside of the LSC (I believe it is the same case on the Eastside as well).  This past weekend the officials at the April Pools Meet worked most of Sunday’s session without a break, because we didn’t have enough officials to cover the deck and provide rotation/substitution.

General expectation of a visiting team is that they will provide 1 official per 10 swimmers.  Some of our teams in Snake River LSC don’t even have that many USA Certified Stroke and Turn Judges.

Please Help me in rallying the troops; Mark and Vicki will be delivering the #1 requirement below on Wednesday, May 6th from 6-8:30 PM at the West  Boise YMCA in the hospitality suite.

This a great opportunity to get this clinic checked off your training, then take the test and begin your On-Deck  training at the Spring Fling.  Please encourage your parents to participate in this training and become a Certified Official.

When many of your parents signed their swimmer up to be a member of the Swim team you or someone who loves you - listed your name as interest in training to be a USA Swimming Official.

 Being a Meet Official has several benefits:

1)  you will learn the rules regarding swimming
2)  you can stand during the swim meets rather than sitting
3)   if you keep track of the events/heats, you have a great pool side view of your swimmer's swims
4)  you get to dress like all those sharp dressed men and women you have seen at the ends of the lanes
5)   our home meets, at the west Y, have a hospitality room with drinks and food that is not to be out-done - it is great!  The other venues also provide refreshments to keep us standing.
6)   your services may be in high demand at traveling meets your swimmer participates in.

 Please contact  Jerry Cunningham with names of your swim parents (& email addresses) who are interested in serving your team in the capacity of a USA Swimming Official.

Listed below are the training requirements to become certified as a Stroke and Turn Official.  The requirements must be completed in the order listed.

1.        Clinic attended: 
Date____________ Place___________________ Instructor __________________

2.        Become a Non-Athlete Member of USA Swimming,  Complete a Background Check, and Complete Safe Sport / Athlete Protection Program.

3.        Complete Stroke and Turn and Timer testbefore beginning any on-deck training.  Requires a minimum grade of 80% on each test.   
Date completed ___________________________   Score __________

4.        On-deck training:
a.         Completed a minimum of sixteen hours during a minimum of four different sessions of a swim meet of on-deck training under the apprenticeship of a qualified trainer.

b.        A minimum of three hours must be spent in each of freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke, and individual medley events.  Writing DQ slips and delivery to swimmers must be practiced.

c.         Must be completed within one year of taking the formal clinic.

d.        Must be under the supervision of a qualified (a stroke and turn official who has been certified a minimum of one year).  The trainer must complete the back portion of this record for the training completed.  A session is defined as a single session of a swim meet that lasts a minimum of three hours.