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Volume 10
April 2015

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5.20.2015 :: 12-1 p.m. ET Swim Staff Select Webinar

6.7.2015 :: LSC Safe Sport Chairs Workshop, Denver

8.12.2015 :: Webinar Topic, TBD

11.4.2015 :: Webinar Topic, TBD

13 Helpful Links

  1. USA Swimming Safe Sport
  2. USA Swimming Education
  3. USOC Safe Sport
  4. Stop It Now! Child Sexual Abuse Prevent
  5. National Children's Advocacy Center
  6. Stop bullying
  7. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  8. Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
  9. Child Welfare League of America
  10. Safe 4 Athletes
  11. radKIDS
  12. National Children's Advocacy Center Lookup
  13. Safe Horizon

USA Swimming Safe Sport Contacts 

Susan Woessner,
Director of Safe Sport
swoessner@usaswimming.org Elizabeth Hoendervoogt,
Safe Sport Coordinator

Maggie Vail
Safe Sport Education Specialist





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USA Swimming Safe Sport Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide a foundation that allows for direct on-going communication with each of you. Information contained within will cover the most current Safe Sport related information. If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions, please e-mail us atathleteprotection@usaswimming.org.

Safe Sport Updates

This April the Safe Sport Staff traveled to the four Regional Coaches Clinics which occurred through the country and presented How to Strengthen Team Culture. All the attendees were highly engaged and participation was high. For information about Regional Coaches Clinics coming this fall please go here.

                    Director of Safe Sport, Susan Woessner talks about "Team 
                    Culture" at the Regional Coaches Clinic in Atlanta.

Website Remodel! The Safe Sport section of USA Swimming’s website has received a facelift. This remodel will offer an easier way to navigate and a new Resource Library with training and tools for clubs. Take a look at the new website here!

Safe Sport Events

The LSC Safe Sport Chairs Workshop is quickly approaching. As a reminder, the workshop will take place over two days, June 6-7, in Denver, CO. This workshop specifically will target the LSC Safe Sport Chairs providing additional tools and a plan to further promote and train individuals regarding Safe Sport in their LSCs This will be different than the Safe Sport Leadership Conference this past February. USA Swimming will provide housing and meals and the LSC is responsible for covering transportation for their attendees. Please contact Liz atehoendervoogt@usaswimming.org with any questions and to register.

This Spring USA Swimming Safe Sport Staff has been able to conduct seven in person trainings with clubs that have come to train at the Olympic Training Center. The opportunity to engage with athletes face to face is probably the most beneficial way to educate and start a conversation about Safe Sport. It is our experience that athletes are ready and willing to have these discussions and are thankful for the opportunity to discuss many of the things that they are thinking and seeing happen in their social circles and teams. We encourage in person trainings and are happy to speak to anyone interested in conducting a training of their own. Please contact Safe Sport Education Specialist Maggie Vail atmvail@usaswimming.org with questions or for more information.

Swimposiums! Swimposiums are a great way to reach audiences with the message of Safe Sport! At Lake Erie LSCs Swimposium, a Safe Sport presentation will be provided for coaches, officials, parents, and all ages of athletes. If you are interested in incorporating Safe Sport into your next Swimposium, please contact Cathy Durance atcdurance@usaswimming.org.


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month! We agree with The National Children’s Advocacy Center when they say that child abuse and neglect is preventable when we all focus on solutions. Here are some ways we can do that, tips from the NCAC:

  1. You can find out what’s happening in your community to protect children from abuse and neglect
  2. You can volunteer you time with programs that are working to protect children
  3. You can ask about child protection policies at your place of worship,recreational, and sports organizations
  4. You can learn about ways to educate children to be safe
  5. You can find resources and information to share in your community at CALiO.org


We are accepting nominations for the Safe Sport Impact Award through June 7, 2015! The purpose of this award is to recognize significant contributions by an individual or group who has contributed to the fulfillment of the Safe Sport Committee mission: To safeguard all members of USA Swimming from sexual, psychological, emotional and physical abuse. This award is presented annually at the United States Aquatic Sports Convention. For further information about the eligibility and selection process and to access the nomination form please go here.

Safe Sport Awareness

Shout out to Paul Stockett (MA) for his initiation of educating the athletes in his LSC!!! Through an incentive program, 359 athletes completed Safe Sport’s Athlete Protection Training between December and March. Way to go, Middle Atlantic LSC!

Deck Changing Prohibition! In 2014, the USA Swimming House of Delegates passed legislation to prohibit deck changing. A small task force, chaired by Rules and Regulations Committee Chair Jay Thomas, has provided guidance on how to handle deck changing. This guidance suggests an educational approach and not punitive. It encourages members to work collaboratively to stop instances of deck changing across the sport which will increase athlete safety and security. The following is provided to LSCs for consideration in handling deck changing:

  1. Officials’ eyes should be on the pool- not looking for swimmers who might be deck changing.
  2. Should deck changing be observed, officials should not attempt to intervene to stop it, but rather note the gender and team of the swimmer as well as the location of the deck change. Report this information to the Referee when time permits. The Referee should work with the Meet Director and/or facility staff to communicate with the coach of the swimmer(s) that were deck changing. This communication should provide the information and ask for the coach’s cooperation to get the swimmers to change in the designated areas in the facility.
  3. Meet Directors and Referees should ensure that the Meet Marshalls and host facility staff are aware that swimmers should only be changing in designated changing facilities. Meet Marshalls and facility staff should not intervene directly with swimmers that are deck changing; rather, they should note the gender and team of the swimmer as well as the location of the deck change and deal directly with the coach in question.
  4. If the coach of the swimmer(s) is uncooperative regarding requests to comply with getting swimmers to change in the designated changing areas, report details of the instance to the LSC Safe Sport Chair and general Chair for follow-up.

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