Final Reminder Picture Day


Lisa from William and Mary Photography will be there with her team at 10am Saturday (or just slightly earlier) to set up for the photos to begin at 11am.  She said the way the photos will work is they will photograph individuals in rapid fire succession and as each of the coach’s teams are ready to be photographed, they will take a group photo.  For example, they will shoot some individuals and then when Coach Lee’s whole Age Group Red team is available, they will shoot them together.  They will then continue with individual photos until Age Group Gold is all ready for a group shot, and on and on.  After all the teams and individuals are done, they will gather everyone for a large Coog team photo.  She said they work quickly and will move through the swimmers rapidly.  She is super excited to work with us!

They take credit and debit cards, as well as cash and checks.  They would like to have parents fill out which package they want on the form and provide payment Saturday, much like it works with school photos where you pick the package and pay for it, then they deliver the photos.  I have a packet of order forms with some really nice color examples of what the packages look like – I will bring those to you tonight at practice.  I don’t know if you’ll want to try to get those to the parents via the swimmers tonight and tomorrow or what you think is best there.