Lost and Found Purge

Good afternoon!


Every other month or so the lost and found container begins overflowing and I like to do a "yard sale" to keep it under control.  I've folded and placed many different kinds of items on the tables in front of the office.  Please try to find what may belong to your swimmer and/or remind them to do so.  After a few days it becomes a first come first serve new ownership opportunity.  We try to hold things that we find for a while, but eventually we are left with the options of giving things away, donating what is left, and discarding what we can't donate.  If you know your child is missing something in particular that they left at the pool please email at [email protected] and I'll save it for you.


Thank you,

-Coach Carl



I've gotten a lot of emails and a good amount of material has found it's way back to it's rightful owners!  Do not abandon hope all ye who enter the lost and found!  On Friday we will move to first come first serve shopping at our office lawn sale!