American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA)
My name is Mark Shveyd from Salt Lake City, UT. We are holding an American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Coaches Clinic on Saturday, May 23rd. It will be hosted by Don Heidary, Head Coach of Orinda Aquatics and current ASCA Board Member. 
I have attached the flyer that went out to the coaches of the UTAH LSC. If any of your coaches would like to RSVP, have them go through:
We hope to make this clinic available to as many coaches as possible; so if you could help by sending this out to the Snake River LSC coaches or any interested parties, it would be greatly appreciated. If there are any questions, coaches can direct them to John Moran at (801) 699-6751
If you have more questions for me, you can email me back or call me at (801) 946-4166
Thanks for your time,