Thanks to everyone who came up and completed the registration process today.  We were busy up at Riverchase.  We want to remind everyone that the ability to go in and sign up for your choice of work duties will begin tomorrow at 2pm.  Our main parent rep will be setting the site to active manually, so be patient.  


There are just a few families that we do not have the $150 work check for.  If we did not receive your work check (remember we will only cash this if you don't fulfil your duties), than your account will read "pending approval".  Your "approval" is contingent upon receiving the work check as well as you paying Riverchase the enrollment fee for your children.  

If you are receiving this email, than you have signed up on  That is only one part of registration.  You need to still come up to Riverchase and pay and leave a work check.  There are several families that have not provided the work check, and others who also haven't signed up and given Riverchase payment (Molly is your contact person).  You will not be able to sign up for work duties at this time.  Please send us an email and let us know when you have done this so we can go up to Riverchase to confirm payment and then we can approve you.

We have attempted to contact as many families as possible who have incomplete registrations.


Remember- 3 work duties per family unless you sign up to judge 2 dive meets, than you will only need to do 2 work assignments.  Your work duties could be filled in one day if you sign up to judge the diving prelims AND finals (either day Fri July 17 or Sat July18th).  But if you don't show, you will be required to do 3 or have your work check cashed.  In addition, remember that dive meets start sharply at 3:30, so you must be present at 3:15 to commit to a dive meet.

Lastly:  Please be aware that the location of the first dive fun meet is not yet finalized.  It will either be at Fenton or Chesterfield.  I assumed Fenton at first, but it has been scheduled the same night as a swim meet, so not sure how that is suppose to work?  We haven't yet gotten clarification from the league.  We may have to work with dive familes to decide where and what day we decide to do that fun meet.

Thanks so much for everyone's patience.  Looking forward to a great season!!!


Your parent reps