Online apparel, Volunteer commitment dates and Team swim suits


Hi All

It was great to see so many old and new families at the parent meeting on Sunday. If you were unable to attend, the handout can be find here.


Online Apparel

Our Apparel chair has worked hard over the last 2 days to have the issue fixed with orders - you can now order on line. Dont forget the the website WILL CLOSE on MAY 26TH - there are no exceptions to this rule, so please order your apparel this week. We are working to have these delivered on deck before time trials, but definately before the 1st meet - watch out for updates :)


Volunteer commitments

As per the parent meeting, these will once again split into 2 opening days.

May 26th - Opens at 8am For officials only - please do not try and sign up for non official slots as you will not be able to.

June 1st - Opens at 8am for all other volunteer slots. Your commitment this year is for 3 slots currently. A maximum of 2 timer slots can be taken per family to give all families the opportunity to be timer. If you are unable to meet your volunteer commitment on the day of the meet, it is your responsibility to find a replacement - the board of volunteer co-ords will not do this for you. More will come nearer the openings.  

Team Swim suits

As per previous communications, swim suits are ordered directly from Cassels. There is not the opportunity to order online, you must go to Cassels with your swimmer so they can be fitted. Most sizes are in the store so you pick up there an then, but they will order if not and contact you directly when available for pick up. All swimmers must have a team suit by Time trials so do not wait until the last minute to sort this out - this places alot of unnecessary pressure on Cassels and yourself. 

The store opening times are:

M-F 10am-6pm

Sat 10am - 4pm

They are not open on Sundays.

Link to map

Watch out for updates in the next couple of days on recuitment for chair committees still needed and the date for the chair committee meeting.

Have a great day everyone