Pool Fundraising start up program is launched!


Hello Everyone!
Well, it's done!  The crowd funding campaign has been launched.  We have 30 days to raise the capital for the new-build.  Here is the link, so please take a moment to review and SHARE.  We can always raise more than the goal, which would be ideal!
Change: Using  IndieGoGo to launch the project.  This is where the campaign launched:
Quick update:  A bid has been made on a 3.5 acre piece of land on Arizona Avenue and Queen Creek roads at $4.00/sq.ft. 
With next year being an Olympic year, we need to ensure we are open before the August Olympics and not miss that wave to ride.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  And again, please SHARE this campaign with all your networks!  Thank you!



Melissa Sutton
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Board Member, Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona
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