Speedo Open 2015


Congratulations to the 275 swimmers who participated in the Speedo Open 2015  Saturdayand Sunday May 9th and 10th. Thirteen (13) local teams participated. Results can now be found online by going to Achievements, Meet Results and clicking on Speedo Open. A number of records were again broken including 3 AD and 20 Cilandak Pool Individual Records, and 12 AD Relay Records and 7 Cilandak Pool Relay Records! Awesome!

SPECIAL THANKS to our Volunteer Coordinator, Monika Regenfuss for her work in gathering all the people we needed to run this meet! And a big thank you to all who volunteered their time!

Top 10 Overall Swimmers by Age using FINA points

Girls: 9 yo – 2nd Micky Vincent, 6th Nicole Isman

10 yo – 6th Karen Yambao, 9th Katherine Parris, 10th Kirana Donauw

11 yo – 1st Madoka Hoizumi, 7th Shanya Dinata, 8th Marin Kobayashi

12 yo – 2nd Katherine Pashen, 4th Devin Sula, 5th Ayanna Wu, 6th Lieve Olufsen, 7th Seung Min Woo, 8th Kalinda Kieft, 10th Allison Farial

13 & 14 – 1st Lilli Seubert, 2nd Stephanie Kieft, 7th Asia Bonali

15 & 16 – 1st Deandra Djunaedi, 2nd Kelly Arifin, 3rd Sally Rakestraw, 5th Riwa Tamai, 9th Kate Carson, 10th Limey Van Huysteen

17 & Over – 1st Sam Webster, 4th Jade Dharmadji

Boys: 9 yo – 9th Gijs Winkelhuijzen

10 yo – 4th Jason Bergin, 5th Steven Bae, 7th Amos Tanoyo, 9th Jonah Jenviphakul, 10th Hugo Voy
11 yo - 5th Masato Hoizumi, 8th Karll Yambao, 10th Jonathan Katuari
12 yo – 1st Jamie Jenviphakul, 3rd Taiga Kontani, 5th Joshua Priosoetanto, 6th Jonathan Suwandi, 9th Charvak Thatha, 10th Joseph Wana
13 & 14 – 1st Harrison Watson, 4th John Bergin, 5th Nick Parris, 7th Kent Suhadi, 10th Adriaan Provo Kluit 1

5 & 16 – 2nd Abel Tan, 3rd Lukas Seubert, 4th Jarrod Barber
17 & Over – 1st Arief Rowe, 4th Kuba Mierzejewski

AD Record Breakers

Devin Sula – 12 yo 400m Individual Medley (6:10.30) Age Group (AG) & Pool Record

Lilli Seubert – 13 & 14 200m Breaststroke (2:52.56) AG
Jamie Jenviphakul – 12 yo 100m Breaststroke (1:16.58) AG
Lilli Seubert, Asia Bonali, Stephanie Kieft, Devin Sula - 13/14 4x50m Freestyle Relay (2:02.01) AG; 13/14 4x100m Freestyle Relay (4:29.64) AG; 13/14 4x200m Freestyle Relay (9:55.11) AG; 13/14 4x100m Medley Relay (5:05.71) AG

Harrison Watson, Adriaan Provo Kluit, Nick Parris, John Bergin - 13/14 4x100m Freestyle Relay (4:02.50) AG; 13/14 4x200m Freestyle Relay (8:59.94) AG & Pool

Adriaan Provo Kluit, Harrison Watson, John Bergin, Rizal Rowe - 13/14 4x50m Medley Relay (2:05.12) AG & Pool

Adriaan Provo Kluit, Harrison Watson, Jamie Jenviphakul, Nick Parris - 13/14 4x100m Medley Relay (4:39.86) AG & Pool;

Arief Rowe, Lukas Seubert, Jarrod Barber, Kuba Mierzejewski - 13 & Over, 15 & Over, 17 & Over 4x50m Medley Relay (1:58.63) AG

Abel Tan, Lukas Seubert, Jarrod Barber, Arief Rowe - 17 & Over 4x100m Medley Relay (4:31.08) AG