Dear Parents -  Reminder that it's time to place your May SCRIP orders!  Scroll down for information regarding ONLINE payments for your SCRIP purchases!  See attached letter for general SCRIP information and our enrollment code! 

SCRIP Payments Now Online!! 

New payment option in our SCRIP program!  Families may now enroll in Presto Pay --  which allows you to pay online at the time you place your order. 

You will no longer need to send a check to practice!  Orders will still be confirmed by me on a monthly basis, and delivered in the same way.   E-products, however, will be available to you immediately after you check out!

If you choose to enroll, existing SCRIP families can go to your Dashboard and click Presto Pay link under “family functions”.  This link will guide you through the process. For new SCRIP families, you will need to enroll in the SCRIP program using the team code  35698CF739461, and then follow the above directions for existing SCRIP families. 

The process will not be immediate, so please enroll in Presto Pay in advance of placing your next order.  It will take approximately 4 days for all approvals and communications to take place for enrollment. 

I think this is a fantastic option, and due to the simplicity, should greatly increase the funds received by the team!  Thank you to all who have participated so far, and welcome to the new users!!   

Please contact me with questions! 

Sue Ellen Hall