Weekly News (May 25-30)

Hello Panthers,

We are down to our last week of training. It has been lots of fun these last days with our coaches different game themes. We have played cards, called pigeons and today we scrambled eggs.

Our last week is going to be great fun also. We will have a big blast on Wednesday with our sprintfest. Parents and coaches have been training, so watch out.

Then we will finish off the week with our Awards Banquet at Impact.


Important Notes:


ISB Family Sprintfest: Wednesday, May 27th 2:30-4:30

This fun filled event will start with a warm up at 2:30 and then the first event (the relays) at 2:45. Bring all your friends and family to this event, the more the merrier.


Last chance to sign up: Year End Banquet, May 31

The year-end banquet and awards will take place at the Jupiter Room (Impact Exhibition and Convention Center) from 4:00pm-7:00pm.

The dinner cost for swimmers and siblings 6 years and under is free, siblings over 6 (300 baht) and adults (500baht).

RSVP by today please.


Schedule Changes:

No Changes this week.



Swimmers of the month:


 8&U Gai: Pannika  Chan[Nomi]


During the past month she has been try harder in every training day and always earlier arrive to the pool. All 4 strokes are reasonable improve.

8&U Noey: Josh McRobbie

He races hard in everything both at practice and at a competition. Josh always pushes himself to race his hardest at all times. He makes the most of every opportunity and is always looking for ways to improve. At Pentathlon, he achieved huge best times, dropped almost 10 seconds in total! Great job Josh! 

8&U Golf: Keshi Kovitchindchai 

Keshi started practice with Coach Gai 

2 month after Coach Gai he move up to Coach Noey and after swimfest meet he improved from 2 coaches , he move up to my squad.

After that he still improve his stroke and his speed. everytime he have a swim meet he got a new PB. 

Good job Keshi keep try to do the best. 



9-10 Aashna Parikh 


Aashna  is trying very hard at practice.  She has one of the best streamlines in our squad.  Her feeling  in the water,for Freestyle and Backstroke,has greatly improved  since January.  She took 7 seconds off her personal best in 50 Backstroke. Keep up  a great work!!


11-12 Firuza ,Wadia


She comes to practice regularly with her smile. Eapecially this month , she not only talk less , but also intends to practice with enthusiasm more.

Although , she is not the fastest swimmer in her age group but coach believe that it's not hard for Firuza to be a great swimmer in the near future!

Well done Firuza and keep your best!!!


13-14 Branden  Faseler.


He is the very hardworking with highly disciplined swimmer.  Always in good mood with a little smile is what you can always expect from him. Joined the team just last January; he has improved his swimming skills by far. With his dedication to the practice, we; the coaches, believe he can be a one of the good swimmer in the near future.



High School Tan Amornkasemwong


In the very hot, slow moving days of this last month; one swimmer fought hard against the need to slow down, skip practice and hang it up for the season. Tan didn’t play in soccer tournaments and came to practices every day instead. He has ended the season as he started it, with his head down and working hard. 




That is all for now, see you on deck.

Coach Day