SAC Updates


* Practice returns to regular schedule tonight after the holiday weekend.  Remember, Friday's practice times bump up one hour and run between 5:30-7:00pm.


* Swimmers competing at this weekend's NLAC Kickoff at Penn State will receive a meet update on Thursday.  Any timeline changes, psych sheet postings, etc. will be communicated at that time.  We could also use some EZ Up tents to help keep the swimmers covered from sun (or rain) during the weekend.  With this being an outdoor meet, as we learned from last year's Silver Champs, be sure to plan for every weather scenario!


* Our first CASL dual meet will be held on Saturday, June 6 at home against Northeastern.  The meet will be held at the high school.  Swimmers are to be dressed and on deck for attendance and warm-up by 7:45am.  The meet will begin at 9am and will conclude around 12 noon.  To sign up, click the events tab on our web site and scroll down to the June 6 meet.  Choose the "Attend/Decline" button and follow the drop-down instructions. The deadline to register is Wednesday, June 3.


* Volunteer positions for our meets are also posted for sign up.  Simply select the "Job Signup" button under each meet to select the job you wish to volunteer for.  For new members and as a reminder to returners, it takes 30-35 volunteers for our meets to run efficiently and effectively.  We've received numerous compliments over the past few seasons for how "smooth" our meets run compared to other clubs.  This is primarily due to the fact that our volunteer help has been fantastic in both numbers and effort.  Remember, the smoother the meet, the quicker the meet ;-)


* I'll be using the same communication method for our summer dual meet entries that was successful this past winter to ensure that all swimmers are included in our meet entries.  The deadline to register for CASL Saturday dual meets is the Wednesday prior to the meet.  That Wednesday night, I'll email out a list of all those signed up in the online system.  Families will have until 4:00pm the following day (Thursday) to communicate any errors or omissions to me.  I'll then send an updated entry list if there are any changes.  Then, sometime Friday afternoon, I'll send out a tentative list of events and a lineup for everyone.  This will allow the swimmers to see what events they will compete in ahead of time.  Any final meet updates, volunteer needs, etc., may also be communicated with Friday's message.


* All summer meets are posted for sign-ups, with the exception of USA Championships (Junior Olympics and Silvers).  Middle Atlantic did secure a site for Silvers, and will be contested indoors and short course at York YMCA.  I'll be posting info for these meets shortly.


* Smith's Chicken BBQ: Will be held on Sunday, June 21 from 11am-2pm along with a car wash at H&H Chevrolet and Cadillac.  We will set up between 10-11am the morning of the event.  Tickets will be placed in family folders this week and are due back on June 10 (last day of school). We'll also need volunteer help on the day of the event.  Check our Events page/tab for information and to help volunteer for the event.


Thanks and enjoy your week!!!