Gearing Up - Important Information

Registration is in full swing !

Open House, is this Thursday, May 28, in the Braddock Heights Community Center from 7:00 – 8:30pm. Stop in and talk to the board members, re-connect with swim families, meet our new local vendors!

Practices start June 1st; please check the calendar as every age group, DOES NOT practice everyday.

You MUST be fully registered to participate in practices.  Registration is not immediately active, you must be registered by noon the day before the first practice you will be attending, or regrettably, you will not be allowed to practice. Sorry, those are the insurance company’s liability rules.

Stroke and Turn Officials are needed. See the calendar for training dates, times and locations. Once those dates have passed, that’s it for the season. Sign up to be stroke and turn, buy a white shirt and blue shorts or pants and get the best seat in the house!


Registration FAQ’s


Q - What happens after I create a new account?

A – The Treasurer will see the new account and need to activate it before you can sign-up for volunteer jobs. This is usually done within 1-2 days after creating your account.


Q – What happens once the Treasurer activates my account?

A – You will receive an email acknowledging your account is active. You then need to sign-up for a minimum of 3 jobs in order for your registration to be approved.


Q – How will the Treasurer know I signed up for the requisite jobs?

A – The Treasurer monitors registration daily or every other day at most. He will see you have signed up for the jobs and approve the registration.


Q – What if I don’t sign-up for 3 jobs?

A – You have two options. Sign-up for three to complete registration or you may opt-out of volunteering for $100. If you do not pursue either option, registration will not be approved and your child will not be able to swim. Remember, 3 jobs gets your registration approved, but we still need 5-6 jobs over the season to meet all our teams volunteer responsibilities. This swim league only works with the help of our parents to contribute.


Q – Where to I send a check if that is how I choose to pay?

A – Please contact our Treasurer (Jim West) directly at [email protected] so he can provide the address to mail the check.