Events Saturday, EZ Pass, Suit Update


 Event Saturday, Practice, Suits

This Saturday is our first team FUNction. It is a great team building opportunity for the team to enjoy the facility outside of swim practice. I know last year's potluck picnic was a blast for a lot of the kids.
Starting at 1pm, we will have our POTLUCK BBQ at the Small Pavilion. Bring a lunch meal to feed 6 people and a beverage. We have a large charcoal grill available for you grill masters out there. We will supply charcoal, so feel free to take advantage. 
We will also supply dessert vouchers from the snack bar for all of those displaying Lake Shark spirit.
At 4pm, we will have the vendor event. We will need volunteers to help sell raffle tickets. Let me know if you're interested.
For everyone else, please make sure you visit the vendor tables and show your support.
Our vendor event last year completely offset the Peach Bowl expenses and also covered a generous donation to the South Jersey Special Olympic Charity.
This year, the event also benefits the Ronald McDonald House and I want it to be at least double what we were able to give last year. 
Ronald McDonald House is a charity that several of our team members are active with that we were able to donate a $600 basket for their Valentines Event. Lets continue to show strong support to the Ronald McDonald House from Lake Kandle and the Lake Sharks!

A quick note about driving in for practice:
Please feel free to just wave at the gate. We can see your neon capped passengers half way down the road. We are often working on paper work during the swim practice times and waiting on 40-50 vehicles is time consuming. 
You guys are on EZ pass for practice times unless you need to pay for a guest or have a question for us.

I received another chunk of our swim order tonight. Below I have listed everyone whose suit has come in. Some of you have already picked yours up.
If your name isn't on this list, you have an unlucky suit size that is on back order. We were able to get suits for some sizes that only ordered yesterday but at the same time, some suits that were ordered at the meet and greet are still on back order. 
I've been told that the back ordered ones at worst would arrive by the Friday before our first meet but in her experience, they generally arrive before estimation date.




The Haves:

Alexa Harris

Allison Reinherz

Amelia Thompson

Bella VanHorn

Briana Hagerty

Bridget Fellona

Brittany Hackett

Cadence curtis

Cameron Mandola

Cate Asztalos

Chase Hasko

Chelsea Simons

Cheyenne Given

Chloe Denton

CJ Giardinelli

Cole Harris

David Fitzgerald

Delaney Poppa

Eleanor Race

Elly Asztalos

Emily DeLuca

Emma Evans

Emma McCarthy

Freddy Ferraro

Georgiana Fitzgerald

Giovanni Lomanno

Hajee Moore

Isabella Profico

Jack Loguidice

Jason Reinherz

Josh Neyman

Kaitlyn Berger

Kayla Green

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lyons

Kingston Lomanno

Laura Storey

Liam Conner

Lila Norton

Lucas Mandola

Luke Loguidice

Marlee McGrath

Megan Sigmund

Micaela Weiserth

Michael Rock

Nadia Raberi

Noah Wyatt

Parker Powers

Patrick Rauch

PJ Hackett

Rachel Hackett

Reese Bruno

Ryan Wyatt

Sam Evans

Sarah Barton

Sean Rauch